Articles of extend codebase

Is the codebase that runs publicly available? Specifically, I’m interested in the part that parses the plugins SVN repository to determine the current and past versions of plugins. I know that I have to look at the tags for each plugin but there are complexities around which tag is marked as the Stable tag […]

Extending WC_Cart in woocommerce

I am trying to extend WC_Cart in woocommerce, from what i understand my code should be correct. However when I load the cart I get the following message. Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Cart::get_prediscount_total() in … Code in my plugin: class My_WC_Cart extends WC_Cart { public function get_prediscount_total() { return apply_filters( ‘woocommerce_cart_total’, woocommerce_price( $this->total […]

When developing a distributable Theme, does it HAVE to be “inheritable”?

I’m currently developing a complex Theme (or framework, if it can be called that) for my own personal use. However, in the event that it becomes appreciated to the public – does it necessarily HAVE to be inheritable (the ability to have Child Themes derive from it)? Am I right in guessing that there is […]

Extending Shortcode attributes

I’ve searched many places and tried many ways for this but no success. I have a shortcode in my WP Theme like; [recent_posts layout=”thumbnails-on-side” columns=”4″ number_posts=”4″ offset=”” cat_slug=”” exclude_cats=”” thumbnail=”yes” title=”no” meta=”no” excerpt=”no” excerpt_length=”35″ strip_html=”yes” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ class=”” id=””][/recent_posts] (It is Avada theme’s recent posts shortcode). In the core, this shortcode executes WP_Query( $args […]

How do I extend one plugin I'm writing with another I'm writing using classes?

I have a set of plugins that do different things. I’m wanting to write a plugin with a class I can extend in each of my custom plugins to meet a common goal. In my “socket” plugin I have something like this class socketPlugin { function __construct($extendedClass){ global $wpdb; $tablename = $wpdb->prefix.”tableName”; $classCount = $wpdb->get_var( […]

How can i increase the login expiration length?

As the title says, how can i increase the login expiration period? Running a local install it’s a little annoying to have to keep logging in, despite the fact i have the browser remember login credentials it’s an extra step i have to perform everytime i fire up the local server. I assume if i […]

How to create extendable wordpress plugins

I have a generic question that I would like to ask. How do we go about creating an extendable wordpress plugin. I would like to create a plugin that I can easily allow new extensions to be hooked up to it. Does anyone have any tips or guides or tutorials to doing this?

Plugin (or Theme) containing its own Plugins?

My Theme defines its own actions and filters so that it can be extended by third-parties without having to fork or modify the Theme’s core code. I already have a few plugins specific to my Theme, that I’m installing in the usual way in wp-content/plugins and activating through the Admin panel. However, for ease of […]