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Facebook plugin shows existing comments

Installed the official facebook plugin and seems to be working. The problem is that existing comments are still visible (with default style) above facebook comments form. My comments.php is empty now and I see this. (Sorry about greek text, no time to change it). I emptied it because I know there is no merge possible, […]

Sync comment data

I have a site that used Facebook comments for a period of time and then removed them for native WP comments. I was able to write a function that grabbed all the comments and re-inserted them into the WP database (as FB comments do not store in WP). However, Facebook’s OpenGraph API does not provide […]

Hiding styles from Facebook

Some of my pages/posts have very short custom stylesheets at the beginning of them. I know this isn’t great practice, but it’s worked very well thus far. The problem, however, is linking on Facebook: Facebook auto-generates a preview of the page, and it includes a picture, the page title, and a snippet from the beginning […]

Trigger a function immeditely after a user posted a comment

I want to trigger a function immidiately after a user posted a comment on a post. I want to read from session data, find the user ID and look his facebook_id if he/she has any. Then i will post the same comment on his/her Facebook page. How can i immidiately know if a user has […]

WordPress Social Login > Post to a users Facebook wall

I’m trying to post to a currently logged in Facebook user’s wall/timeline. I found this on the plugin authors github documentation: I put the second snippet of code (the Facebook code) in my functions.php file. Then on one of my wordpress template files, I did this: apply_filters(‘wsl_hook_process_login_before_wp_set_auth_cookie’, get_current_user_id(), “Facebook”, ???); The thing is, I […]

Facebook link to website logo

I have someone who wants to share my website through Facebook and they want my logo to appear in the FB post. What do I have to do on the WordPress end to have my logo automatically appear in the FB post?

Are there any plugins yet that support Facebook Like, Google +1 and allow Social Interaction tracking on Google Analytics

I know that Google +1 is quite new (at time of writing), but I wondered if there were any plugins that support these. By “Social Interaction tracking on Google Analytics” I mean – that use this code – The alternative is to find a plugin that supports the first two and add my own […]

Facebook like button that redirects?

Basically, here is an idea: I am starting a daily blog, and in order to gain access to sunday’s posts, the user needs to share the site. I have figured out how to redirect once someone presses the +1 button, and how to redirect once someone tweets, but I have yet to figure out how […]

Facebook Like Button in Jetpack

I’d like to have a Facebook Like Button (not a Facebook share, which is available) through Jetpack. There is a “Add a new service” and I’ve tried various parts of code from all over but always gets an “An error occurred creating your new sharing service – please check you gave valid details.” Anyone knows […]

How can I post Facebook fan page status updates to my WordPress blog?

Is it possible to get an RSS feed of Facebook status updates from a Page rather than a Profile? I want to use the feed in WP’s RSS feed widget. It’s easy to pull statuses from a profile page. I did this using an RSS feed widget. I tried doing the same thing for a […]