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Insert Facebook button into header

I am trying to add a Facebook button to the center of my header image. I have tried adding a link to my header.php on different sections, but it either displays the button above or beneath the logo, instead of inside the image. Any suggestions on where I should insert it? Website: Image:

How to implement custom buttons into individual posts?

Is there any way that I can code custom buttons for liking, sharing, and tweeting on individual posts on wordpress. If so, how would I link the like button to like the post on Facebook and how would I link the share and tweet buttons.

Are there some caveats for using guids for FB comments

I’m using Facebook comments box and just realized that when we use <div class=”fb-comments” data-href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” data-width=”100%” data-numposts=”5″></div> and then realize our title is wrong, changing the title (and slug in the process) we lose all social counts because they are tied to the url. So I was wondering why I’m not using <div […]

WP REST API – log in with Facebook

We’re developing a mobile application for a web site that uses WordPress and exposes a REST API through the WP REST API plugin. We have very little prior experience with WordPress. One of the requirements is to implement a login via Facebook feature, so that users could log in either by using their login and […]

Facebook Does Not Grab Correct og:Image

I have a small bit of code which creates the OpenGraph tags for each post. It seems to work OK, but the actual Featured image is not grabbed by Facebook when I copy the URL into a new FB post. Or rather, the -default- image is grabbed, but not the Featured image. But then if […]

Force users to register in order to view website

This question already has an answer here: How to redirect non-logged in users to a specific page? 4 answers

Button in SideBarOther widget not showing up on all pages

An item in SideBarOther shows up on the main article listing page, but when I select an article (same page layout, the article replaces the listing), the item isn’t there. There are two items in SideBarOther, and only the 2nd one has this problem (see code below). If I remove the first one, it is […]

Facebook Like – Display counter starting at Zero?

I got frustrated with the number of “Like” plugins available, so I went straight to Facebook for a direct implementation. I want my like button to look like how how its displayed on Techcrunch (example: – Notice the Facebook Like button – The word like, then a box to the right with the “like […]

Facebook Registration Tool: how to use in WordPress?

Facebook provides a Tool to let Facebook users register to third party websites: How to integrate this tool into WordPress? I would like to facilitate registration and creation of WP users with this tool.

Shortcode does not expand in Facebook like

I am using Facebook Like Button plugin on pages that just contains a shortcode. When I Like the page and post to Facebook, it shows the shortcode without expanding it. I want to show the expanded contents in Facebook activity stream