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Favicon only appearing on the homepage?

I place my favico favico.ico on the root directory of my site. Add the following code to wp-content/themes/f2/header.php: <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/favicon.ico” /> However, the favicon is ONLY appeared on the homepage? How can I make it effective on the whole site? EDIT: I set the href as the abosolute path and […]

Check if Favicon is set in Customizer

There’s this “Site Icon” option in the customizer, which allows you to set a favicon. I’m creating a theme which already has its own favicon. How can I check if the favicon is already set in the customizer?

favicon and multi site

what about if you are on a multi site install, where would you put the favicon to have it automaticallly recognized by the browser (and no blot the code with link tag)cause there is no real root per se? Thank you in advance for your help on this

Unable to display favicon using get_favicon()?

I’m using fetch_feed (based on Simplepie) to display an array of RSS feeds (favicon & headlines only). Documentation on the simplepie website says to use get_favicon in the stylesheet. And I’m using the fetch_feed codex example. I’m getting the spacing where the favicon should be but not the favicon. The feed links appear fine. CSS: […]

favicon now showing up

I have wordpress installed in the /home directory on my server, so it was set up that you would have to go to to see my wordpress and just going to would take you to a different homepage. Well, I went into my setting and change the Site Url so to so […]

How do I add a favicon that only shows during viewing of my plugin's admin panel?

How do I add a favicon that only shows during viewing of my plugin’s admin panel? I mean, what event do I intercept?

Rewrite rule for path of favicon.ico ( Add_rewrite_rule function possible ? )

Hi WordPress developers ! I’m wondering, is it possible to make by PHP and power of WordPress following: If user access http://localhost/favicon.ico, is it possible to make show user data from http://localhost/wp-content/uploads/dir/favicon.ico ? I saw such function add_rewrite_rule and tried such: add_rewrite_rule( ‘/favicon.ico’, ‘/wp-content/uploads/dir/favicon.ico’, ‘top’ ); but no result. Can this request by done by […]

Twentyten Child Theme: header images display messed up in admin panel

WordPress v 3.0.4 multisite-network enabled, local installation w MAMP 1.9.4, PHP 5.3.2, Theme: Twentyten child TWO PROBLEMS: 1) Display of header image thumbnails in admin panel and 2) path to favicon.ico for child theme (used for main site at root) – both defined in the functions.php file inside child theme folder. Created ‘functions.php’ file in […]

How to change in customizer the “site identity” tab required capabilities

I’m building a multisite in which site admins have no “manage options” capability. The problem is that withut this cap they cannot see the “site identity” tab in the customizer, where they can change the site icon (favicon) as well as the site’s name. Is there a way to change the required capability to show […]

Multisite favicon.ico

I know it’s pretty easy to add a unique favicon.ico to each site in a multisite install. But any ideas for making each sites favicon.ico appear to be in the root directory of the site? The end result would be and