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Compact pingback list with favicons

On a blog with pingbacks and trackbacks (pings) enabled I want to show just a link with link text and a favicon of the external site in a compact list: no date, no text. How can I do that?

Remove apple-touch-icon link generated by WordPress

I am adding Favicons and Icons to my site manually in a more proper way than what WordPress adds by default. My WordPress is generating the below 4 lines of code automatically. <link rel=”icon” href=”×32.png” sizes=”32×32″> <link rel=”icon” href=”×192.png” sizes=”192×192″> <link rel=”apple-touch-icon-precomposed” href=”×180.png”> <meta name=”msapplication-TileImage” content=”×270.png”> I tried a lot but could not figure out […]

Change Favicon on Login Screen?

I have a rather basic question. Does anyone know how to change the favicon on the login screen? I have it on all other areas of my site. But I cannot change it from showing on this page: It even shows a bluehost favicon and my site has been moved from bluehost.

Can't delete unwanted favicon

I have a favicon that is a remnant of a disactivated wordpress theme. I can’t find the favicon file in the theme folder, or the wordpress or server root. I have added my own reference to a new favicon, but the old one is still displayed. <link rel=”icon” type=”image/png” href=””> My site is here. Edit: […]

Where can I change favicon in my wordpress website?

I want to delete old favicon and replace new favicon in my wordpress website. Please suggest, which file name and where code that I need to add new favicon.ico in my wordpress website?

Plugin that inserts favicon next to links

I, like many others, have numerous links all over my website. Some are in the body, some are in the sidebars, some are in comments. When links go to an external site, I would very much like to have that website’s favicon appear to the left of the link. I have seen this in many […]

How do I set my Feedburner feed to use my favicon?

I’m not sure if this setting is handled in my wordpress installation or by Feedburner but right now my feedburner feed is displaying the feedburner favicon. How can I set it to use my blogs favicon?

How to change the WordPress favicon?

I’m looking for a way to change the WordPress favicon. Any hints how to do this?

Why does WP recommend against custom favicon functionality in themes?

I am developing a WordPress theme, and when reading the Codex article on Theme review, WP recommendeds against allowing custom favicons in a theme. Does anyone know the reason for this recommendation? From the Codex: Favicons Themes are recommended not to implement custom favicon functionality. If implemented, favicon functionality is required to be opt-in, and […]

Where do the favicons for Media Files come from

I have uploaded some PDFs to the Media Library. I cannot find a way to set the browser favicon for the PDF media files. Where does WordPress get the favicon from? Is there anyway to control the PDF Media file favicon?