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Show image if a post is featured

I know that posts that are sticky show on top but I want to add an image to show that is featured is there any code I could use

Featured-Content/Featured Posts With Random Order

I am working on, which features four featured posts at the top, defined by a certain tag. The order is newest to oldest. How do I get this order randomised (and not newest to oldest)? I tried to change something like the following in inc/featured-content.php: // Query for featured posts. $featured = get_posts( array( […]

Get template part with CPT and Custom Taxonomy conditionals

I have two Custom Post Types Video and Gallery and a Custom Taxonomy Status with the term Featured. Right now I’m showing these CPT in my index.php, but I want to style each of them, so I’m using get_template_part to achieve it. The problem comes when I want to get templates for an specific term […]

Filter article that has featured image to shown on homepage

This question is an exact duplicate of: Query the post which have a thumbnail 1 answer

Remove any product that is featured from regular display loop

I have set up a custom loop to display featured products at the top of their relevant category pages. but now I would like to go about removing featured products from the regular loop below, which is using the standard woocommerce code to display products, Any help would be greatly appreciated

Exclude most recent posts from specific category in wp_query()

I have a featured posts slider, which uses the ‘featured’ tag. I have a query for this which grabs the 3 most recent posts with this tag and shows them in the slider. Below this, I have a list of 10 or so most recent posts across all categories. How would I write a query […]

Exclude posts from homepage having a specified tag

I am pretty new in WordPress development and I am trying to implement this custom theme that handle the so called featured posts As you can see in the posts area of the homepage I have the Articoli in evidenza sub area that contains my featured posts and under it the Ultimi Articoli subarea that […]

Display single most recent post in category on every page of category archive

I am trying to display a single “featured post” in the archive.php template using a custom query. This featured post should be the most recent post in that category or tag. I’m using pagination for the rest of the archive page (also a custom query so that pagination is retained), and this same post should […]

Singleton Custom Field (Meta Box)

How do I create a custom meta box for posts which have a boolean data type and can be true only for one post. I want it to be falsified for all other posts when it’s set on one post. Is there a hook that runs right after a custom field is saved in the […]

Featured Posts Code – Repeated featured posts

I am soooo close to getting this to work but I have one outstanding issues. The featured posts code keeps repeating itself before/after each post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The code below is what is currently in my loop. NEW CODE per CHIP <?php // Define featured posts query $featured_query = new WP_Query( […]