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<meta name=“generator” content=“WordPress 4.4.2” /> neccessary?

Hello fellow WordPressers Today, I realized that most WordPress sites have this small footprint saying: <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 4.4.2″ /> where it indicates what “system” have made this current page. Now three questions popped into my mind: If I remove this line, what is the disadvantages? If I leave this line alone, what is the […]

Feature Survey – What would you want in a resume theme?

I’ve been toying with the idea of developing a custom resume/portfolio theme for some time … but just haven’t gotten around to it. Lately, though, I’ve fallen in love with a few new site designs and feel that it’s time we had a truly interactive and dynamic theme to power resumes and portfolios with WordPress. […]

display featured image in RSS feed

Hay, does anyone know a way to display the featured image url within the RSS feed?

Building useful features into your theme

My site has a theme which I created myself, and while it works, I often have to tweak the theme or use plugins to modify the appearance or behaviour. I’ve been looking at ways to modify my theme so that there’s less jumping around to make changes. Ideas include some basic SEO, gallery functionality, fields […]

No option to add a 'featured image' in my wordpress installation

Hay, I’ve installed WordPress 3 on my server, and duplicated the stock theme and made some amends to it. However, when i add a post, i don’t see an option to add a ‘featured image’. Has this featured been removed? How do i reactivate it? Thanks

How can I limit functionality in one version of a plugin?

I am busy writing a plugin with a free version and a paid, Pro version. For our initial release of both versions, I want to keep things as simple as possible, so I would rather defer using a strategy of a very extensible free version, with hooks implemented in a Pro version; I will give […]

If your blog was an app on Facebook

If you were to turn your blog into a Facebook app, what features would it have? What would the UI look like? What are the significant dealbreakers you’d need to satisfy to extend your blog to a social networking platform? I’m marking this as a community wiki because I’m not looking for one answer, but […]

Custom editable content for front page from Theme Customizer

I developed a very basic theme with underscores. I am looking for custom editable content, or a changeable page, from the Theme Customizer for front-page.php. For example, when a user goes to Customizer they would see the option to select pages for featured content (pregenerated pages inside WordPress) and a “Read More” button attached with […]

Show Similar Post Titles ( Similar to Stack Exchange )

I really like how Stack Exchange sites handle posts, where after you finish typing the title it will list out similar titles. How can I implement something similar on my WordPress installation? The reason being is that hopefully it will show duplicate titles at the top, so that I do not accidently publish a post […]

Add a class to links in the visual editor (how to get old dialog back)

New: Old: In short, i want a list of some classes inside the add link dialog. Because this was default there might be a easy way to get it back like this? Long: I like to have the ability to add classes to themes. I have found 2 plugins for that. One breaks tinymce and […]