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remove enclosure url from feed

I searched the whole internet, including this website, but there is no written way on how to remove the enclosure url from the WordPress feed. I want to remove it because FeedBurner is adding the image url directly in the email that it is sending to subscribers. The reason doesn’t really matter I guess, so […]

How to redirect RSS feeds to Feedburner and keep pretty permalinks?

There are many tutorials out there, but all of them give you the same code snippet. I put it into my htaccess file, but the feeds are not being redirected. I don’t want to use a plugin. I’m sure the code works. I need to figure out why it doesn’t work for me. Here’s part […]

How to display Feedburner subscription count as plain text via a shortcode in post/page editor of my WordPress blog?

I would like to create a shortcode like [feedcount] in my wordpress blog to display Feedburner subscription count as plain text on some of my posts/pages. Moreover, I’d prefer in the case that the Feedburner API is not unavailable, the shortcode shows “many other” instead of the count. How can I do that?

Removing the FeedBurner redirect

When I set up my blog i was using the default RSS feed which worked fine. Then I switched it to using FeedBurner using the FeedSmith plugin which also worked without issue. Now though I want to go back to the default WordPress feed instead. I’ve removed WordSmith but still gets redirected to FeedBurner […]

RSS feed validity and Google Adsense

I want to use Google Adsense code snippets in my blog posts, so in my single.php. However, when I do so, then my RSS feed becomes invalid because of the javascript code in the content and the feed won’t be updated anymore. Is there ANY way to fix this? I still have the Google Adsense […]

Feedburner doesn't work anymore

I really have no idea how to figure out what exactly is wrong and so I’m seeking help here. When I try to validate my feed I get the following error message: XML parsing error: <unknown>:8:17928: mismatched tag … d/show_ads.js”>/*<![CDATA[*/<p>/*]]>*/</script></div><p>The next day I h … The source is the original feed URL, not Feedburner itself, […]

Feeds not working on my wordpress site

I just made my wordpress website live finally and now trying to set up the RSS. I came across a couple tutorials saying that you have to go to copy the link and place it into the URL area in your feedburner account. However what happens if nothing shows up when you go to […]

How do I set my Feedburner feed to use my favicon?

I’m not sure if this setting is handled in my wordpress installation or by Feedburner but right now my feedburner feed is displaying the feedburner favicon. How can I set it to use my blogs favicon?

Feedburner doesn't update when “scheduled post” publishes

I’ve searched around and can’t find anything on this, so thought I’d see if y’all could help. I am successfully scheduling posts and having them publish – no “missed schedule” problems – but when a scheduled post is published, WordPress does not ping Feedburner, and my feed is not updated. I can manually go into […]

How to update feed only 2-3 times a week (for Feedburner email)?

So many of you know that Feedburner is a great (free) tool for sending out newsletters. The problem is that if you add content everyday, everyday emails will be sent out. I’d like to control on functions.php how I could “update” the feed only 2-3 times a week, so emails from Feedburner would be sent […]