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Check if feed is fetched successfully

I am trying to fetch specific post feed from my one side to another one. every thing works fine, only thing I need to check is that if the feed is not successfully fetched by custom field, it should return an error or custom message. Here is the code which I have tried sofar, I […]

How fetch_feed() works?

I would like to know that how fetch_feed() works extactly? From the Codex: fetch_feed() caches results for 12 hours by default. That means if I use fetch_feed( ‘’ ), it reads the RSS feeds from howtogeek at first, it will save the result for 12 hours. Otherwise what is the meaning of caches results for […]

fetch_feed Performance Issue

I am creating site very similar to My home page use fetch_feed function 20 times for 20 different blogs. Using wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime I have set cache time to 2 hours. My problem is every two hour, when my blog try to call fetch_feed 20 times, I am afraid that it will slow down my site […]

Passing feed URLs with “&” to fetch_feed()?

How do I pass feed URLs with & in the URL to fetch_feed()? The feed is not parsed correctly if there is a & in the feed URL. Actually it works in the example I gave, but now I’m populating the feeds array dynamically with this code : $rss_subscriptions = array(); $terms = get_terms(‘news_rss’,’hide_empty=0′); $count […]

Unable to display favicon using get_favicon()?

I’m using fetch_feed (based on Simplepie) to display an array of RSS feeds (favicon & headlines only). Documentation on the simplepie website says to use get_favicon in the stylesheet. And I’m using the fetch_feed codex example. I’m getting the spacing where the favicon should be but not the favicon. The feed links appear fine. CSS: […]

How do I use fetch_feed() to pull in a large number of posts?

When I use fetch_feed() to pull in posts from a feed, even if I set the maximum posts variable to a very high number, it will only pull in 10 posts. I want to pull in all the posts and then paginate the way I would for my regular blog posts. I thought maybe it […]

Getting Thumbnail in fetch_feed from custom field

i have setuped showing rss from my network site using fetch_feed(); include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/feed.php’); $rss = fetch_feed(‘rss link here’); $maxitems = $rss->get_item_quantity(5); $rss_items = $rss->get_items(0, $maxitems); THen i can use foreach to get these $item->get_description(); $item->get_permalink(); $item->get_title(); get_date(‘j F Y | g:i a’); But i am not sure how to get thumbnail in […]

Add a Post Thumbnail to an RSS Feed with custom size

I have two different blogs on the same domain and my goal is to get the 3 latest posts from blog1 to show on the home page of blog2. Everything goes well following these instructions: The problem comes when I want to style the image, I need them to have all the same size/proportion […]

How do I get link URLs from the WordPress links backend into an array?

I’m currently running a blogroll on a site I’m working on by defining a variable with an array that has all the rss feed urls I want to pull from. Like this for example: <?php // Get RSS Feed(s) include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/feed.php’); $rsslist = array( ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ ); $rss = fetch_feed($rsslist); if […]

fetch_feed returning rss feeds on same server as empty

I’m trying to use fetch_feed to pull a feed that is hosted on the same server (but uses a different domain name). So, my site is, for example, and I’m trying to pull an RSS feed of events from, which is hosted on the same server but not in the same WP install […]