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A function to fetch blog content via rss feed

I am trying to make a function which take an rss fedd URL and fetches the most recent 2 posts. I have tried to remake the snippet from here to a full function in funtions.php as following. I don’t want to use a plugin for this since the plugins I have looked at have been […]

wp_remote_get vs. fetch_feed ? which is the better for performance?

I m trying to share my web site contents for other web sites using by external loop file or rss file. when i asked some questions about wp_remote_get function ; @Serkan suggest to me , using fecth_feed methot / function etc. (check the question here.)= I really confused , which one i should, which one […]

How to delete transients written by fetch_feed()?

I’m using fetch_feed() to cache external rss sources displayed in a widget. in case the widget (or, more likely, the whole plugin) is deleted/deactivated, i want to manually delete all related transients. In class-feed.php $filename is passed to the constructor of WP_Feed_Cache_Transient{}, which obviously handles the transients for fetch_feed. I just havent figured out how […]

Disable Outbound Web Requests

I’ve setup wordpress on AWS. I want to reduce as much network traffic as possible. What services/jobs do I need to disable in WordPress?

Scheduled event does not run at midnight

I have an event scheduled to fetch feeds from different sources at midnight. I believe for some reason it is not being triggered. I use Core Control plugin for testing. When I ‘Run Now’ through it, it works fine. What could be possible reason? Any hint that could facilitate me to get to the cause? […]

How to get more than 25 items via Simplepie RSS Feeds?

I have a feed with 50 items but seemingly no matter what I do, it always returns just 25. $feed->set_item_limit(50); or $rss_items = $rss->get_items(0,50); none of these have any effect nor do I see any reference to the number 25 in the class source, I don’t get it. The feed is

Combining multiple RSS feeds using fetch_feed

I’m using fetch_feed to display an rss feed on a theme i’m working on. I think the documentation implies that you can combine multiple feeds, can anyone confirm this, ideally with an example. Thanks in advance! George

fetch_feed: retrieve entries in the appearing order, not chronologically

I’m using WP function fetch_feed to retrieve a feed and display its items. <?php /* include the required file */ include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/feed.php’); /* specify the source feed */ $rss = fetch_feed(‘FEED_URL’); /* checks obj. is created */ if (!is_wp_error( $rss ) ) : /* specify number of items */ $maxitems = $rss->get_item_quantity(4); […]

How to get a post content from another wordpress blog/site?

I have a situation where i need to display posts from a specific category from another wordpress site into my wordpress site. Both are my sites and i thought of creating a page specially for this in site A and calling them through iframe in site B. I thought another way of fetching them feed.. […]

Troubleshooting fetch_feed and SimplePie

I’ve got a very basic solution using fetch_feed() and SimplePie to pull in RSS items which is working on my localhost, but for some reason is_wp_error() persists as true on the live server. Is there anyway for me to get specific output about the nature of the error so as to work towards a solution […]