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Show excerpt for only first post in query

I’d like to only show the excerpt for the first post in my main query. I was wondering the best way to approach this. What I have tried so far is: Making a custom homepage and using two queries, one that returns 1 post with an excerpt and another queries that returns posts without. Just […]

Customize WooCommerce Error Message

I would like to change the wording of an error message I see in WooCommerce. Are there any filters I can use to do this?

Stop loading “collaborators” users on add new post or page?

So our website has about 20k “collaborators” type of users and we’d like to stop loading all of them on the select box on the “add new post” or “add new page” PAGE. Maybe load only authors and above type of users using functions.php Could anybody help? =)

Buddypress: Edit activity when new blog post

I am trying to edit the activity on Buddypress (1.7 and running latest WordPress) for when a new blog post is created. By default it displays the excerpt and shows any attached images, it also strips any code (I think). What I’m trying to achieve is to show the full blog post, including things like […]

Trying to wrap <span> around first word of multiple word strings with a widget_title() filter, only works on two word strings and not more than two

I am trying to wrap a around the first word of multiple word widget titles. I have used the answer from here: and adjusted it to look like: function add_label_to_post_title( $title = ” ) { $ARR_title = explode(” “, $title); if(sizeof($ARR_title) > 1 ) { $first_word = “<span>”.$ARR_title[‘0’].”</span> “; unset($ARR_title[‘0’]); return $first_word. implode(” “, […]

Filter Hook Returning Blank When Used Twice

This is a pretty lengthy question, so bare with me. In a plugin I’ve written that allows users to easily create new meta boxes, I have a function that uses a switch() to return the appropriate HTML for the kind of meta field being added. The function looks like this: // displays the requested field […]

Refine/Filter WP_Query Posts with jQuery or Ajax

I know this has been asked many many times, but I literally searched for an answer for more than 5 hours without finding anything that drives me in the right direction. What I’m trying to achieve is something similar to this where you select terms on the left hand side and these terms are […]

Gallery Settings Change available Columns

Is there a filter hook which changes the number of available columns in gallery settings screen. I’m talking about the : <label class=”setting”> <span><?php _e(‘Columns’); ?></span> <select class=”columns” name=”columns” data-setting=”columns”> <?php for ( $i = 1; $i <= 9; $i++ ) : ?> <option value=”<?php echo esc_attr( $i ); ?>” <?php selected( $i, 3 ); […]

Programmatically Add Font-Awesome Icons to Category Widget

I use the Categories widget on my sidebar(s) and I would like to display a Font Awesome icon next to each category listed in the widget. The icon would be the same for all categories, for now, but I would like to give each category it’s own unique icon in the future. I would like […]

How can I remove the “Add New” button in my custom post type?

I have many custom post types that need the Add [custom post type] feature but I have a custom post type of “About” and I do not need to “Add New” about to the about custom post type. So I want to remove the button on top that says “Add About” This is what I […]