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WordPress 3.1: Videoplayer implemented?

when using “insert video” from the post-editor – i’m only getting a normal hyperlink to the video – is it possible to display a flash-videoplayer instead? is there a default videoplayer in wordpress or will i need a plugin? in that case – which plugin is recommended? thx

How to replace the twentyten image header with my flash banner?

I am currently building a site using a child theme for the first time. Basically, I have a flash banner the client has already had made, and want to replace the twentyten image banner with the flash. I know how to do this by editing the header.php (I think!) but was wondering if there was […]

Use flash on a wordpress site as a widget

I have a banner from a site and it’s in flash (.swf file). I want to have this banner onto the widget bar. I’m currently using WP-SWFObject plugin, but it only works on the homepage. If someone goes to another page, the flash is not working. How can I use this flash banner on my […]

Relative or Absolute Paths for Flash Video Player Files

I have a Flash SWF file working correctly in the root of my website. It is fully embedded, with everything including the player hosted directly on the website (not a YouTube embed). This flash file plays from a page located in the root of my site. I want to show the same flash SWF in […]

Hard-coded Audio Player

Continuing work today on my free theme and I’m trying to make it kick some butt. I would like to embed an audio player into the theme. Not a plugin, an embedded player. The functionality of kicks some serious boo-tay. However, that player is a bit ugly. I do like the Woo Tumblog audio […]

How can I force oEmbed to display fixed height & width dimensions?

I’m trying to explore new ways of embedding videos on to my site as a few of my contributors are having trouble viewing flash embeds when they use the preview function. Ideally it would be easiest to use oEmbed via the shortcode but i’m running into a problem that I don’t seem to be able […]

Graphing libraries for WordPress

I had asked question like this long ago at WPTavern and it fizzled. Hope it fares better this time. 🙂 Drawing graphs can be done with multiple methods (generating image files, JS, Flash) and there are a lot of libraries available overall. However there are some specific factors in context of WordPress: it might be […]

Large Uploads in WordPress

I’m working with a church that uses WordPress to manage their website and podcast. So far, they have a 200-step process every week for publishing the podcast (I exaggerate, but it is a huge step-by-step list). Among other things, they have to: Record the sermon Master the sermon recording Create an MP3 Upload the MP3 […]