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How to show private flickr group on a WordPress site?

I have been trying to embed a flickr group within a WordPress site for our camera club using a plugin such as slicker flickr or awesome flickr gallery. I have no problems with showing a set of thumbnails of my own photo stream, galleries, sets, or of a group I am a member of. However, […]

How do I display the latest Flickr OAuth embedded image on the frontpage?

I have a Flickr category among my blogposts where I just paste in the direct links from Flickr, and let OAuth do it’s thing to hotlink/embed the photos in the post. On my frontpage I am trying to grab the latest hotlinked/embedded photo from the latest post in the Flickr category in order to display […]

Flickr plugin that will display photos from multiple group pools?

Does anyone know of a WordPress plugin that will pull in photos from multiple flickr group pools, and display random thumbnails in the sidebar? There are a ton of flickr plugins, and I just can’t seem to find one that’ll support multiple group pools. Something that will accept multiple rss feeds and display pictures from […]

How to increase image size returned from Flickr oEmbed in Twenty Twelve theme

I’ve been using the excellent Flickr Gallery plugin for a while but while upgrading a site to WP3.5 and the Twenty Twelve theme, I stumbled across oEmbeds and notice that Flickr is supported natively. I did a quick test and sure enough, simply placing the URL to a Flickr image page produces an image in […]