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Integrate a forum into wordpress site

I have a wordpress site, which is running fine. Beside that site, I have a forum running. Now I want to integrate this forum (phpbb) into my wordpress site. What I would like to do is adding a menuitem called forum, and link this to a file called forum.php, with following content: <?php get_header(); […]

Use phpbb user database for WordPress

I’ve got a phpbb forum and recently I’ve added a WordPress website to my domain. I want my phpbb users to be able to login to my WordPress page using the same username and password they have on my phpbb forum. I’ve tried to get the connection working. But I can’t. So does anyone have […]

How to search a wordpress plugin's support forum? plugin’s have a support forum, but I don’t see a way to search it, which makes finding issues related to a specific plugin pretty hard. Am I missing something? or is this option simply not available? Example of a support forum page:

What's the easiest way to change the default landing page for BuddyPress groups?

I’m looking to have the default view for Groups be the Forum component instead of the Activity component. What’s the best/easiest way to alter the default landing component/page?

bbPress or WordPress + forum plugin?

I’ve been using bbPress for a while and I’ve noticed some bugs in my fresh installs. This makes me wonder if I should consider to just use WordPress with a forum plugin. Any experience building a bbPress website? Do you recommend a WordPress plugin to build forums?

Posting Photos and Other Attachments in a BuddyPress Forum?

I recently built a WordPress site based and am using BuddyPress for some interactive community functionality. Members are using the forums built into BuddyPress, but are looking for a way to attach or embed pictures in their posts. Is there any way to extend the BuddyPress forums to allow this, or are there existing plugins […]

Can I use wordpress for a non-blog site?

I’m starting a website (more complicated than a blog) and would appreciate advice on which framework to use. A person on my team uses wordpress and is enthusiastic about its possibilities, but a friend who works on rails is lobbying against it (“But it’s for blogs!”). Both can help me get started so I’ll probably […]

Forum plugin that allows private groups that are invite only

I’m looking for a plugin that would allow me to create private groups for discussion that are invite only. These would be for people who have taken a workshop and want to remain in communication with their cohort afterwards. They would need to be invited/added by admin after each workshop and would not communicate with […]

How do I set up real anonymous posting in bbpress forums?

I have bbpress-post-topics plugin installed so that my comments forms are replaced by a bbpress forum topic, it’s working but I would like to enable anonymous posting. Currently, as you can see above, the Author Name, Email, Website and Topic Title are required. I would like to adjust this so only the ‘topic title’ is […]

Collaborative question/answer plugin for WordPress

I am looking for a collaborative question/answer plugin built in the same sort of style as StackOverflow. Features I am looking for: Profiles Index of questions with search by tag/title/contents Vote up/down Edit yours and other peoples questions+answers (wiki style) Integrated markdown (or similar) Before you ask, yes I have seen Question and Answer Forum […]