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Building Forums with Custom Post Types

I’m trying to build some sort of a discussion boards by using custom post types and the built in comments. The structure is as following: An archive page to list all the pages of the Forum type, so each page is a “forum” Each “forum” has a title , a small description and then some […]

Using WordPress functions on other sites

I have WordPress, set to multisite with subdirectories, installed at /, and a phpBB forum at /forum. Both sites are visually integrated, and share a common login process. I’d now like to integrate them further, for my ease of administratio; I want to use WordPress’ header image, menu, footer and a few other theme related […]

Conference website with ticket-sales + sponsorship sales with WordPress?

I am considering moving away from Drupal and drupal-cod due to the lack of good themes. The two major features I am looking for are: Ticket sales (PayPal), with receipts sent to attendee Sponsorship sales (PayPal with different options: Gold, Silver, Bronze by price-range) Secondary features: StackOverflow style forum accessible by users within a specific […]

How to disable sidebar only in bbPress and not WordPress?

I am trying to integrate bbPress with WordPress, and the only thing in my way (for now) is the sidebar. How do I disable sidebar in bbPress? I know that one way is to manually remove or comment out <?php get_sidebar)(); ?> in all bbPress template files. But I would like to know if there […]

Forum for wordpress – Super confused!

I want to start a website/blog on wordpress and am also thinking about integrating a forum in it. Now, I have been reading reviews about forums for wordpress like BB press, Simple Forum, Mingle, etc. Some say bbpress doesnt have many features. Others say Simple forum cant be customized. I a novice. I dont know […]

Modified loop-single-forum.php to work inside of a sidebar Widget, not working on some site pages

So I took loop-single-forum.php, copied it and renamed it, fixed it so the site is calling the copy and then removed what I did not need from it to place it in a sidebar widget. It works beautifully on every screen on the site. Except for two and I can’t figure out why. IF you’re […]

bbPress plugin: forum lists not showing in correct order?

I’m running WordPress 3.3.1 and bbPress 2.1 (plugin, not standalone) my forums are are not being listed in the front page archive or forum summary pages in the correct order; I double checked many times the ordering number, but no matter what, the forums will display in their own order which is neither alphabetical, cronological […]

How to convert WordPress comments to bbPress replies

I have a old blog that I would like to upgrade to a blog/website with bbPress forums and would like to convert the post to topics and the comments to replies. I already created my topics and now I only need to convert the comments into replies. Do you know of a script that does […]

Empty “Forums” page BuddyPress site wide forums – bbPress

The main “Forums” page where all forums are supposed to be listed is empty. What have I missed here or the combination of BuddyPress and bbPress caused this page not to work anymore? I have followed the installation guide here

How to disallow participant from publishing topics(bbpress)?

OK, I am really stuck on this. I tried many things and yet nothing works. I have BBpress install and running and want to disallow users(Participant Role) from publishing TOPICS. Every time when user add the topic, it must have to display under pending status but they can publish replies without any moderation. I tried […]