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Updating parent themes vs. updating starter theme

Context: I use framework parent themes (e.g. Thematic) mainly because it ensures that my custom themes inherit cutting-edge and standard compliant code. Why I’m not yet using starter themes: I’m reluctant to use starter themes (e.g. _s, Bones etc.) because, as I understand it, I’ll need to screen for code changes with every version update […]

medoo framework in WP plugin

Is it ok to use medoo framework ( when devloping new plugin. or should I use WP_Query only? What’s right?

integrating external php library into wordpress- the right way

If I were to load a custom library into wordpress, what would be the best place to add it? Since there are a bunch of global vars defined at the top of the library, I would not want that to be done thru a hook where I’m forced to use a wrapper function whereby my […]

What is the relationship between a theme, child theme, and framework?

I understand how parent and child themes work. But my question is how do frameworks fit into it? Are they just technically parent themes you create different child themes from?

What is an “Options Framework” for WordPress

I am exploring a couple options frameworks for wordpress like the Redux Framework. As a non-developer interested in maintaining my own WordPress based web app, when would an options framework like Redux be useful? Most sites for options framework market their tool to the wordpress developer community. I have not found a simple explanation geared […]

WordPress as Backend, Laravel Front End: How to connect Routes?

I am going design a site and I though about using wordpress for it as the clients want to be able to edit the content and they are not very up to date with the latest technologies, so I though that as wordpress backend editor is quite simple and straight forward, this could be a […]

When developing a distributable Theme, does it HAVE to be “inheritable”?

I’m currently developing a complex Theme (or framework, if it can be called that) for my own personal use. However, in the event that it becomes appreciated to the public – does it necessarily HAVE to be inheritable (the ability to have Child Themes derive from it)? Am I right in guessing that there is […]

Using WordPress as a Framework

I’m quite familiar with WordPress, but have just minimal experience with PHP frameworks such as Codeigniter. When building a custom application, say for example an invoicing system or time management app for my company, does it make sense to use WordPress as a framework, or would it be more advisable to use something like Codeigniter? […]

Benefits of storing uploads in an assets folder?

I’m trying to get up to speed with responsive theme development in WordPress and have been looking at Bootstrap and combining it with HTML5 boilerplate. I came across this skeleton framework which combines both of them: However, it sets up the uploads folder to be /assets/ in the root of my site. Is there […]

Change parent theme file function in child themes functions.php

im trying to understand how Action Hooks and Filters work and have this example i want to edit This function is in a parent theme framework php file: public function formatArticleCat01( $show_category = false, $shorten_text_chars = 300, $show_date = true, $show_comments = false, $show_author = false, $show_views = false ) { $sFigure = ( $this->article_thumb […]