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Excluding front_page from is page condition

I am developing this theme, and their are features that I need them in all of the page except for the single and front page. So I’ve used this conditions If ( is_page() || is_home() ): ?> //My features here endif; But I find this code is including the home page, is there any way […]

Why does my site show the correct front-page when you arrive at the site, but not when you click 'home'?

I have a website ( and the ‘home’ button leads to a diffent page than the ‘front-page’: When you arrive at my website, it displays the correct front-page.php with the loop on the right hand side. When you click ‘home’ in the navigation, a standard page is displayed without the loop. Why?

How do I set the front page programmatically?

I need to allow my users to set the default page of the blog. So when someone visits, “” the page they see is either the blog posts list or a specific page. It looks like I can tell which page is already set using: get_option( ‘page_on_front’ ): returns the ID of the static page […]

Showing “best posts” in front page

What is the best way to Show my “best 5 posts” in the front page of my site ( The only way I have found to do this is by assigning a specific category to these post and show the category page. I do not want to introduce a new category for many reasons. But […]

Pull in content from page defined as static front page

I am trying to pull in <?php the_content(); ?> for the page I have defined as the static front page in WordPress’s back-end but can’t figure out how to target it and pull it in.

Hard Coding Components on a Client Specific Websites

This is something I have been meaning to ask for a while to get some feedback. If you are creating theme template files for a client and you know what needs to go where e.g. buttons, logo, component background image, section headings on homepage etc etc, what are your views on coding some of these […]

Display custom field from the front page on another page

so I am hoping to retrieve a custom field that is already displayed on the “front-page.php” template on an another page.php template of my website. I know how to do that with the post-id way, but what I’m hoping to do is get it so that it automatically retrieves them from the front page template… […]

How to show only the name of one category above each posts in frontpage?

I have set the frontpage in my WordPress installation to show the latest posts. My theme supports the display of the meta category name above each post. Now the problem is each time I publish a new post, I get: Published in “Forntpage”, “such-and-such category” in the mentioned area. I would like to have only […]

Implement a slideshow-like frontpage with text overlays

I am looking for a WordPress solution – may be the appropriate theme or a combination of theme/plugin/widgets… – for the following: the front page of the site should present a series of fullscreen “slides” through which the visitor can scroll, either horizontally or vertically each slide has a separate background image overlayed over the […]

why can't i add front.css to my frontpage.php

My function in functions.php function adding_front_style(){ if(is_front_page()){ wp_enqueue_style(‘front’,get_template_directory_uri().’/css/front.css’); }else{ //some code } } add_action(‘init’,’adding_front_style’); My front-page.php <?php get_header(); ?> <div class = “search”> <?php get_search_form() ?> </div> My front.css .search{ background-color: blue; }