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Editing page content through FTP?

I currently work with a graphic designer and code primarily HTML/CSS for clients looking to develop a web presence. I don’t know much about WordPress. I have a client who wants some minimal changes done to his site, simple things like removing one of the tabs, editing some text, changing some links. His site is […]

WordPress asking for FTP details when installing plugins

I’m renting a server from DigitalOcean on which I’m running WordPress inside apache on port 8079. DigitalOcean also only allows one to connect via SFTP. Currently the client I use to do that is Transmit . My details for that is like follow: So since my apache instance is running on port 8079, does that […]

Publishing html directly from ftp to wordpress

I have a program for a booking programme and within that is an “Update Website” button which originally would ftp the html created straight in place of the old one meaning once you click update website it will post the most up to date information without having to publish. Only recently changed to wordpress and […]

How to edit page content after downloading the site files

I am new to WordPress and I’ve built a simple site. After that, I downloaded all the files of my site by Filezilla. May I ask how to change page content? Which folder is the page contents being stored?

Can I install a new WordPress site inside a sub-directory of an existing WordPress site?

One of my clients has very limited resource. His current WordPress site is installed at via FTP at /public_html: We need to show him a UAT site before replacing the existing site. In the past, we used to create a new site elsewhere and replace an existing site when UAT is passed. This particular […]

Can I upgrade plugins via FTP?

I’m having some trouble upgrading my plguins through the Dashboard, If i upgrade plugins manually via FTP, will i lose any info from plugins like statpress and all in one seo?

How to import 55k images (uploaded via FTP) into WordPress Media libary?

I have got 55k images in my WordPress Uploads folder which are not showing up in the Media Libary, how can I make them registered there ? I tried the plugin ‘Add from Server’ but there are to many images, and the Plugin fails to do anything. Any other suggestions, how I could try to […]

Why does One Click Update fail on localhost using FTP with 777 permissions on site files?

I can successfully upload/remove media, add/remove plugins and edit theme files within admin CP. The one thing I can not do in admin CP is a normal one click update from WordPress 3.7.1 to 3.8. Ideas? The error message when I try to run updates: Downloading update from… Unpacking the update… The update cannot […]

Valid Connection Information is Getting Denied

I’m getting prompted to enter my FTP information (in this case, SFTP) for installing plugins/themes in WordPress. Problem is, I keep getting denied with valid SFTP credentials. I have root access to my server as well. RedHat 6.3, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.3.3 For troubleshooting sake, all of WordPress’s directories are currently chmod 777 Every time […]

WordPress php error after editing file with FileZilla

I use the free FTP software FileZilla. In most cases, whenever I open any PHP file from FTP using FileZilla, I get this error after editing then saving the file: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in File path here on line 1 How do I solve this error and get rid of this problem […]