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How to insert multiple images into a single post within a CPT

I have created a Custom Post Type to publish multiple images together. —>>> title <<<— —>>> image default – thumbnail <<<— —>>> cotent <<<— —>>>images<<<— —>>>images<<<— ….. The first three sections (title, image default and content) is the basics. Is ready. I thought about using custom metabox and add each image URL. However, add url […]

How can I create a gallery showing Ken Burns effect, when mouse hovers over images?

Any plugin or even code would be great. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

using jQuery Cycle by Malsup with WordPress Page and Gallery

I would like to modify a WP Gallery to use the jquery cycle plugin by malsup. I know this is possible but would like to know best practice for this, if anything just pulling out the url for each image should give me enough to work with. Please advise on best practice for this. Note […]

Display gallery on top before content

Is it possible to execute the gallery shortcode before any other content no matter where the shortcode is in the post HTML?

Ajax, filters and shortcodes

could you figure out why I’m unable to get shortcode filters applied in ajax inclusion of posts? Let me explain better: I’ve managed to include a post from within another post, through admin-ajax.php, as recommended in the famous 5 tips. Obviously I don’t want to display the shortcode tags, nor I’d like to strip them, […]

GalleryView binding for WP Gallery, without NextGen

Is there a WP plugin that binds jQuery GalleryView to the stock WP Gallery? I love the appearance of GalleryView, but I don’t want to have to use an external image & gallery database like NextGen. I just want to use the stock WP Gallery, stock WP media library, and display images attached to a […]

How to create a simple slideshow out of a post image gallery?

Are there any solutions to transform a default image gallery into a simple slideshow as seen in this theme? Note: click to move to the next picture in the gallery.

How to determine if a post has attached images?

I would like to know how I can determine if a post/page has an image gallery (not documents/videos etc)? I am not talking about gallery shortcode as shown here Check if post/page has gallery? so that if (has_gallery = true){ //Do Something } else { // Do Something else }

How do i display the built-in gallery inside a widget?

I want to display a specific gallery (without a plugin = WordPress built-in gallery) inside a widget. I tried the shortcode but that doesn’t work. Maybe a workaround could be enabling shortcodes inside widgets? if yes, how do I do that?

How to get ID of images used in gallery?

How to get ID of images used in gallery? Using $gallery = get_post_gallery_images( $post ); I only get a string with thumbnails url, without image ID which is needed for basically everything. (In the end I am looking for a way to get image object for all images used in gallery, I am searching […]