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add_action and remove_action if custom field exists

I know this may be off-topic as it has to do with Genesis (a premium framework), but with general WordPress, this has to do with running a remove_action and an add_action depending on if a custom field exists. I’m not seeing something simple that I’m doing wrong here. What I’m trying to do is show […]

Randomize Color Scheme Selection in Theme

on my site I’m using cenetric, a child theme of genesis and this theme comes with some predefined color schemes. //* Add support for additional color style options add_theme_support( ‘genesis-style-selector’, array( ‘centric-pro-charcoal’ => __( ‘Centric Charcoal’, ‘centric’ ), ‘centric-pro-green’ => __( ‘Centric Green’, ‘centric’ ), ‘centric-pro-orange’ => __( ‘Centric Orange’, ‘centric’ ), ‘centric-pro-purple’ => __( […]

How can I add search box in single.php?

I’m using the following code to add a search box in single.php: echo ‘<div class=”search-cat-form-left”>’; twentythirteen_paging_nav(); echo ‘</div>’; echo ‘<div class=”search-cat-form-left”>’; twentythirteen_post_nav(); echo ‘</div>’; echo ‘<div class=”search-cat-form-right”>’; get_search_form(); echo ‘</div>’; Here the search box appears, but the search is not working. Why?

Genesis / custom template page / setting the page title and meta desc

My WP site is running Genesis. I’ve just implemented my first custom page template in a child theme. The template runs some PHP and makes some data available to any page based on the template using shortcodes. All is working well, except… For SEO, I’d like to set several items in the head section – […]

Can't replace the default sidebar with a custom sidebar on Custom Post Type in Genesis

I have an archive template (“archive-reviews.php”) for a Custom Post Type I have created. I’d like to replace the default archive sidebar with a different one that I have created using the Genesis Simple Sidebars plugin. The code I am using in the template file to do this is as follows: remove_action(‘genesis_sidebar’, ‘genesis_do_sidebar’ ); add_action( […]

wp_query on page template not working (Genesis framework)

I’m trying to use wp_query as part of a page template. The page is tagged with a taxonomy term and I’m trying to grab a list of posts that are also tagged with this taxonomy term. I’m able to grab the term itself from the page no problem, and use them as part of the […]

Using two loops in one WordPress template

Hi I am attempting to use two loops in my WP template as I am using advanced custom fields to display info from a custom post type (college) I have tested my code (label ‘loop which doesn’t work’ below) at the top of the template file and it pulls the correct data, however when I […]

How to remove Date from Meta Description on SERP?

I noticed on a few recent projects the Date is displaying in the Meta Description for all Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in WordPress. I was always under the impression the Date would usually show for ‘Posts’, which has always made sense. Then for Pages and Taxonomies – which would normally be evergreen content in […]

How to add specific menu on a specific page or pages

I’m looking for help on how to add specific menu on a specific page or pages with no plugin. I know how to add and register a new menu like this: //* Register third navigation menu position function register_additional_menu() { register_nav_menu( ‘third-menu’ ,__( ‘Third Navigation Menu’ )); } add_action( ‘init’, ‘register_additional_menu’ ); add_action( ‘genesis_before_content’, ‘add_third_nav_genesis’ […]

Passing a Variable to a Function Hooked to Genesis Entry Content

I’m working with a custom page template in Genesis and need to remove the post content and replace it when a certain condition is set. That part is working fine, but I also need to display information from a variable in the new content. It seems simple, but something isn’t working, and I think it’s […]