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Adding ads after a certain number of paragraphs within Genesis themework

I am so close I can feel it. I am trying to get an ad block to show up after say 2 paragraphs. Currently I am using the following code in my functions.php to put the adblock before the last paragraph. I cannot for the life of me find the correct code to get this […]

Editing or filtering the output of the Genesis navigation

I’m trying to edit or apply a filter to the default Genesis navigation genesis_do_nav Currently I’m extending a Walker class to add a <span> with data-attribute around the navigation’s link text. class Menu_With_Data_Attr extends Walker_Nav_Menu { function start_el(&$output, $item, $depth, $args) { global $wp_query; $indent = ( $depth ) ? str_repeat( “\t”, $depth ) : […]

How to add code just below opening body tag in Genesis framework

We need to add two snippets of code, one right below the opening body tag, and the other right before the closing body tag. What is the best way to do this? I checked out the wp_enqueue_script, but it appears the content would be in the head section.

WordPress Hide Show Content script and activate/deactivate script on screensize

I am currently using jquery.expander.js to hide/show paragraph content. I want to only use this for screen sizes less than 500px width and less (for mobile phones) ONLY. I am working in wordpress 3.5 and genesis theme 1.9.1 My questions: Is there a good script proven and tested to load jquery.expander.js only on screen sizes […]

How to keep my custom theme changes after updating genesis child theme

I am using a Genesis child theme that I would like to make some custom changes to it, but would like to be able to update it when a new version comes out without loosing my edits. I am familiar with the parent-child practice, but since my theme is already a child of genesis what […]

Custom Blog Post Listing in Genesis Sample Child Theme

I want to add several images and divs and also customize the look of my Blog post listing… But i can’t find the way to do it. Here’s the Blog Template code <?php /* WARNING: This file is part of the core Genesis framework. DO NOT edit this file under any circumstances. Please do all […]

Including Custom Post Type posts in a page template contextually (or should I widget?)

Please see the attached mockup… Each element in the sidebar (e.g., Communications) will probably have to be a Page. I’m aiming for maximum flexibility. I am using Epik (a Genesis child theme). I am trying to avoid having the people who will be creating the content for this site needing to know HTML/CSS so I […]

Using Custom Templates for Custom Post Types for the Genesis Theme Framework?

(Moderator’s note: The original title was “How can I create create and use a custom template for custom post types in the Genesis theme framework?”) I’m using the Genesis theme framework, with an almost completely ‘stock’ child theme. I have the WP Easy Post Types plugin installed, and have created one custom post type (“Members”). […]

WordPress Genesis Child Theme Filter divs

I’m trying to html5ize a Genesis child theme. So far I’ve figured out how to replace the Doctype via hook but am having trouble figuring out how i can change the divs to sections and articles without touching the core files. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Pagination difficulty using custom query in genesis-based custom theme

I am creating a genesis child theme. I have a category called ‘faculty’ with about 60 posts in it. I am modifying the category template file so that it displays this category in a customized fashion. The desired result is that the faculty appear in random order, they do not appear more than once they […]