Articles of geo data

Geo Targeting articles on a WordPress site

I want to display the articles on my WordPress site depending on the location of the User. I am looking for a country based classification. Is there any already existing plugin that can help me with this? I searched on the WP site but the plugins available there just hide a small block of the […]

How can I automatically attach posts to a map?

I’d like to display a Google map of places relating to posts (eg, places I’ve visited). Is there a plugin or method available that will allow me to have a Google map on a page and when creating a post, I can put in an address or lat/long for the post, so that it automatically […]

Show posts on a Google Map

Through the custom fields, I assigned to each post its geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude). Now, I’d like to show a Google Maps with a marker for each post. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this effectively? EDIT: Solved following this G.M.’s answer.

I have geocoded posts with latitude longitude – How to search by radius?

I have posts which are geocoded with latitude and longitude from Google. I basically can enter an address in a post custom field and the latitude and longitude are placed into two separate meta fields. I’d like to create a custom search letting visitors search their zip/postal code and find the nearest locations. I’ve found […]

Best way to show map of tagged posts?

This seems so simple that I’m tearing my hair out. I want to add a page with a map showing all the posts with a particular tag. I want each marker to pop up with the title and the preview, allowing the visitor to click through and read the full post. Ideally I want to […]

Geo Sorting Post

I wanna sort all post by GEO Location.Can you provide me an idea on how can I do that. When user submit a post, should I ask for a location as a tag but at the same time I wanna have tags to work as tags. Also Categories needs to be work as category. I […]

Is it possible to wrap Geo Location search around WP_Query?

I’ll just like to add that I have a current working solution in place and works well but I’m looking for ideas of being able to do it better or cleaner if possible. We have hundreds of properties in a custom post type with metakey/metavalue holding the properties longitude and latitude co-ordinates. We allow a […]

Is there a way to display all my posts on a single Google Map?

I’d like to “geotag” all my posts and display them on a single Google map.

Optimizing a Proximity-based Store Location Search on a Shared Web Host?

I’ve got a project where I need to build a store locator for a client. I’m using a custom post type “restaurant-location” and I have written the code to geocode the addresses stored in postmeta using the Google Geocoding API (heres the link that geocodes the US White House in JSON and I’ve stored the […]

How can I implement a location based (zip code) search in WordPress?

I am working on a local business directory site that will use custom post types for the business entries. One of the fields will be “Zip Code.” How can I set up a location based search? I’d like visitors to be able to enter their zip code and choose a category and show all the […]