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querying user bookmarks from a large number of bookmarks

I am trying to access the bookmarks created by a single user. The key is stored in the links table, attribute link_owner. However, get_bookmarks() seems to load the entire table and all I am left with is to parse the table and filter the rows with a matching userid. For my application I expect the […]

How to splice in wp_links links into the loop?

I want to create a loop where 2 or 3 items from my blogroll are spliced in like this: <loop> <post1> <post2> <blogroll1> <post3> <blogroll3> </loop> I’ll be using images and excerpts for the loop, and the goal is to get the wp_links links to display EXACTLY like the wp_posts, so if I can actually […]

How do I get link URLs from the WordPress links backend into an array?

I’m currently running a blogroll on a site I’m working on by defining a variable with an array that has all the rss feed urls I want to pull from. Like this for example: <?php // Get RSS Feed(s) include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/feed.php’); $rsslist = array( ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ ); $rss = fetch_feed($rsslist); if […]

wp_list_bookmarks display

I have a question about code on wordpress: I am trying to use code wp_list_bookmarks to list my featured communities that I have setup in “links categories.” I want to be able to separate each link like the following: San Diego | La Jolla | Rancho Santa Fe | Del Mar I am currently using: […]

how to add class to the ul returned by wp_list_bookmarks

wp_list_bookmarks returns HTML that has a ul with classes xoxo blogroll. I’d like to add another class to that ul, but can’t seem to find an elegant way to do so. wp_list_bookmarks does accept an argument “class”, but that is applied to the li, not the ul. Is there some argument I’m missing? Or is […]

get_bookmarks filter not supplying query argument (wp 3.1)

I’m using a filter on the get_bookmarks function. When I use two arguments in my filter function I get the result array and nothing for the second arg (it should be the parsed query). Here’s what I’m mean: function samiconductor_sort_links_by_order( $results, $args ) { echo print_r($args); // nothing function order($a, $b) { $a_order = get_option( […]

Getting only the most recent bookmark?

So, I was thinking I’d use WordPress’ Bookmarks/Links content type to populate a slider… …Except there are a grand total of four functions interacting with this part of WordPress. I don’t think you can even access these with a WP_Query object, and it seems all date-related data attached to these is in relation to the […]

Getting Links in Multiple Categories (intersection)

I am using get_bookmarks() to get bookmark links. I can get links posted in cat A or cat B, but I only want links in both A and B. Example what I need: I have three link categories cat#1, cat#2, cat#3. I need to get links in both cat#1 AND cat#2 not cat#1 OR cat#2 […]