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Why do the Roots theme CSS files not load (404)?

I’ve set up my new shiny 3.5.1 WordPress using Git, following these instructions: (stopping after step 2; I’ve not created the child theme yet). I would expect the Roots theme to work by itself) What I basically have is the same as the author’s Git project: What I’ve ended up with is tags […]

GIT and Development URL's point to production

I am experimenting with GIT for version control. I have a production environment that I created a repo for HERE, then did a git clone locally. I created/modified the wp-config to work with my local DB. The index page loads, but all of the links for any pages or post point to the production URLs. […]

WordPress with Git deployment issues

I’m new to wordpress, coming from the python/django world where there are pretty established standards for development workflows and site deployment, so I’m trying to find some guidance on how to manage a deployment. For some background on what I’m trying to do: I’m taking over an e-commerce wordpress deployment hosted on Digital Ocean. The […]

Version control for both Vagrant config and themes being developed

I have set up a local WordPress development environment using Chassis (based on Vagrant), this needed a bit of tweaking to get it how I like, so I feel like I should have this under version control. There will be changes in future. I will be using this WordPress install for theme development, ideally I […]

Git Workflow for Large, Live Site?

The WordPress site I am working on has thousands of posts, is updated hourly, and has dozens of plugins and hacks to get it to work in the way it does. Can someone explain a git workflow that would allow the following? Essentially, I want to take everything that is currently there — all WordPress […]

Deploy pre-configured database

I would like to version control my WP sites with git. A big struggle I have with this is: how do you version control options/plugin settings in the database. I would like to don’t touch the dashboard in the live site. Only the users should need to login in to write posts – but I […]

storing database in version control

I am using a version control system to manage my wordpress code (git). What is the betst way to store the database information into version control? I want to go to my staging machine, run git pull to get the latest code from my development machine, then maybe click one button or something like that […]

Deploying Updated or New Plugins That Modify the wp_options Table

I have a WordPress site under local version control with Git. I deploy it to the production server using Capistrano. For the initial deployment, I manually import the SQL database to the production server, and change all the local references by hand. Any content changes are made on the production server from then on. This […]

WordPress 3.8 keeps asking me to upgrade to 3.8

It began with version 3.7.1: You are using WordPress 3.7.1. Update to 3.7.1 I’ve installed and usually update WP with git from cd wordpress git fetch –tags git checkout 3.8 Then I usually download localized version (ru_RU) and copy over updated language files (wp-content/languages/). Everything was smooth until 3.7.1 and it looks like I’m […]

Collaboratively develop a WordPress site

I’m going to develop a website using WordPress with a colleague. How can we manage it so that we can develop it together at the same time? I heard git is not right for WordPress