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How to rename the wp-config.php file once under version control?

git clone git:// develop After cloning the core development repository with Git, considering the files and folders are under version control, how can the config files be renamed to wp-config.php and wp-tests-config.php? .git src/ tests/ tools/ … wp-config-sample.php wp-tests-config-sample.php I’m aware I can do git mv wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php but now my working copy is different […]

WordPress and Git – What folders should I track?

I am configuring Git along with my WP development environment, and I was wondering what should be tracked and what should be ignored. If it makes sense to track plugins and for WP core. Create one repo for both theme & plugins? Common sense would suggest that tracking WP as a whole, is overkill and […]

Environment independent way to link to certain pages on frontend

On the site I’m working now on there’s a number of links hardcoded into templates, such as Privacy and cookies Registration policy Search help and so on. The pages that are linked to these don’t have any special design, they just inherit the default page layout. The project I’m working on uses GIT and a […]

Painless way to track remote Git repo for WordPress updates

I’m looking for a way to keep development instances of WordPress up to date and under version control with Git. Has anyone managed to the following? set up git to track a repo containing the WordPress core files add the WordPress repo to a project via a submodule or similar get the latest version of […]

Do i need the git directory?

I have installed a wordpress site and for some reason I can see these 2 directories: .git .qidb Do I need them? Can I remove them? Will it hurt me in any way?

Workflow for working with git and WordPress

As my site becomes more important to my business, I want to have better version control so I can look up past changes and backup my code. I keep seeing people talking about having their entire site in git and I want to know how that works. I currently have my custom theme in my […]

Initial wordpress deploy via git

Currently, I’ve got my local machine setup and pushing to staging via git. There are cases where I upload images locally to test admin page interaction. In my .gitignore file I’m ignoring everything but the theme and plugin folders. I’m curious as to how you handle the initial push to a staging server. Namely the […]

Pull latest stable release via git

I’m currently working with a workflow that makes use of WordPress as a submodule under git. My workflow involves adding a submodule to my project from the following URL: git:// The problem: Doing this seems to grab the most up-to-date WordPress version, including the non-stable alpha versions. I simply want to grab the most recent […]

Permissions in a Local Dev Environment (OS X)

I wanted to enable WordPress auto-updates to work without FTP, so I added: define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’); to my wp-config.php. So in order to grant write privileges to WordPress’s auto-updater, I ran sudo chown -R _www:_www [wordpress-project-folder]. I’m using _www instead of www-data, because I read that it’s OS X’s equivalent. However, now anytime I modify a […]