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What is the wordpress Git hub Repo master on beta?

I am fairly new to WordPress and have started checking out the latest version from Github. I assumed that the latest version would be master but it seems the latest is 3.9-branch Is the 3.9 branch the correct one to use? Can I revert to the production version if I have installed beta on a […]

Generate WordPress Theme from GitHub Repository

How do I generate a WordPress theme based on my GitHub repository? is what I want to replicate. Here is a link to the GitHub repot: I wish to use my own “foundation” theme.

Why doesn't the “Press This” bookmarklet work on GitHub?

This is a mystery to me. The “Press This” bookmarklet works well for me, everywhere except when I try to press one of my GitHub repositories. It doesn’t just fail to grab anything, the window fails to open altogether. Does anyone else experience this? Is this a known / documented bug? Is there an explanation?

How to use github to update my plugin

I am trying to use github for my plugin updates, i have looked around I found this WordPress-GitHub-Plugin-Updater. I am now stuck and cannot get it to work. I have created the simplest plugin to test it and to see how it works before I add it to my plugin but I cant get it […]

Pull latest stable release via git

I’m currently working with a workflow that makes use of WordPress as a submodule under git. My workflow involves adding a submodule to my project from the following URL: git:// The problem: Doing this seems to grab the most up-to-date WordPress version, including the non-stable alpha versions. I simply want to grab the most recent […]

Including third party libraries in plugin

I am developing a wordpress plugin and would like to include third party libraries from Github. How do I include these a library so I can use the functions in my plugin?

Git Hosting for WordPress SVN Plugin Repository

I’m setting up my first WordPress plugin on the Plugin Site. Behind the scenes, developers add plugins to this site via an SVN repository. Is the any tooling (supported by Automattic and/or third party) that would allow me to seamlessly manage this svn repository via git and/or GitHub? i.e. I’d like my “source of […]

WordPress Premium Plugin (3rd Party Github User)

I just started to setup my WordPress worklow with Composer. After hours of research I found a Github User, that is hosting “some” Premium Plugins on his Account. My Question’s are: It is allowed? Can I use this Repos for my Composer Setup? Should I use this? Why nobody notice that?

Custom theme updater – random string in new theme name

I am making a theme that will be updateable via github. I am trying to use the plugin updater tutorial from smashing magazine, modified for updating a theme instead. I got it almost working. The update gets downloaded and installed to the correct folder. However, instead of leaving the same theme active, it […]

How to handle a GitHub webhook POST request?

I’d like to start by saying that I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post this question, so if it isn’t please point me in the right direction. Ok, so I have a GitHub webhook that is triggered whenever there’s a commit comment and I can’t figure out how to handle it […]