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GIT and Development URL's point to production

I am experimenting with GIT for version control. I have a production environment that I created a repo for HERE, then did a git clone locally. I created/modified the wp-config to work with my local DB. The index page loads, but all of the links for any pages or post point to the production URLs. […]

Is there a seamless solution for submitting plugins to SVN and GitHub?

Possible Duplicate: How-to: push a GitHub repo to the wordpress plugin servers I love WordPress, but I also love GitHub. Would love to know if there is a seamless solution to using both SVN and GitHub for plugin development?

Have WP Theme update from Git Repository

I have a client’s theme currently hosted on github. Instead of doing a git deploy or using a service like Beanstalk’s deployments. I will be pushing the same theme across many sites (79 to be exact) and want them to be able to update themselves just like a WP repo hosted theme. A good example […]

How-to: push a GitHub repo to the wordpress plugin servers

I develop my plugin over on github but when it comes to deployment I have to somehow copy my changes into the WordPress SVN. Currently I do this manually and copy over each file in each directory individually, but this is time consuming and error prone. I have seen and tried a few scripts but […]

Is Git/GitHub a good WordPress deployment solution?

I’m currently developing my WordPress locally, committing my code to GitHub with Git and then SSHing into my server and doing a “git pull” to update my code. Is this a good option for code deployment onto a WordPress site (I obviously have root level access to my server in this case.) I know of […]