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WP + Google analytics = /search?

I finally found some time to tweak our business site. After digging some Google Analytic data I found out a portion of our users goes to “/search“. Problem is: We don’t offer a search function on our site as we aren’t a webshop. Does anyone know why or how WordPress sends to /search? Is this […]

Multiple Google Analytics codes for individual pages

I’ve seen a couple of posts on here with the same subject but none matching what I’d like to do. My site has a Google Analytics code for the whole main site – say There are 2 pages on the site that Id like to individually monitor and I have a GA code for […]

Moving to a WordPress blog. What do I need to know?

I’ll be moving my blog from another engine to WordPress shortly. However, I am a complete noob to WordPress. So I am wanting to at least replicate the functionality my old blog used to have. There are a dozen Adsense plugins, not sure how to choose. Recommendations? Likewise there a ton of Google Analytics plugins. […]

Is there a WordPress form plugin that can easily be configured for Google Analytics goals?

I don’t want to have to make use of a destination url, so ideally I would like to be able to add the onclick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/G1/whatever’]);” event to the submit button on the form.

Free Google Analytics plugin that works with WordPress in network mode (WPMU)?

Is there any free Google Analytics plugin that works with WPMU? Please suggest only if you use it and it works.

How to let authors only see website stats for their posts?

Is there a way to show each author website stats, just for the posts that they have published? I run WP as a directory service (1 post each) and thought it would be handy for authors to be able to gauge how many hit/unique visitors/etc they are getting each day/week/month. I’m familiar with Google Analytics, […]

How to remove Google Analyticator in WordPress site?

I have issues in uninstalling Google Analyticator. Should I just ignore it and install Google Analytics for WordPress instead?

How to install Google Analytics onto site without internet access

I just created an intranet site for the company that I work for. The IT department will not allow my site to access the internet for security reasons, but my boss still wants Google Analytics installed. I usually just use Joost De Valk’s GA plugin, but I don’t think it will work since I don’t […]

Invalid plugin installation directory, Google Analytics

In the WordPress dashboard, it said there was an update for the Google Analytics plugin. I clicked to have it update, which seemed to succeed. After doing this, I tried updating another plugin and got an error (see below). I then tried viewing the site (dashboard or otherwise), and everything gets the same error with […]

How to track wordpress sub folders html page in google ananlytics

in wordpress site i created one one folder & put some html files( But google analytics is not tracking those html pages( Is there any solution to track those pages likewise the wordpress pages. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. THANKS.