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Are there any plugins yet that support Facebook Like, Google +1 and allow Social Interaction tracking on Google Analytics

I know that Google +1 is quite new (at time of writing), but I wondered if there were any plugins that support these. By “Social Interaction tracking on Google Analytics” I mean – that use this code – The alternative is to find a plugin that supports the first two and add my own […]

Can a plugin deactivate itself?

We have a situation where a couple of our longstanding plugins (Google Analytics is one) are currently offering the option to “Activate” them. This figures, because Google Analytics traffic stopped dead a while back. So it seems as if it did turn itself off. Is this possible? Can the plugin’s original author issue an update […]

adding google event tracking to links in posts

I am trying to add outbound link tracking for links within my posts. But only for links that do not have an img as a child. My code is below but does not add my class to any links in my posts: jQuery(document).ready(function(){ //outbound post links //var outbound_post_name = jQuery(this).find(‘h2.title’).text(); var post_link = jQuery(‘.post .entry’).find(‘a’); […]

Tracking Disqus comments on Google Analytics

I’m using Disqus for my blog comments, and Google Analytics for tracking users. I have both implemented using plugins (Disqus Comment System and Google Analyticator). I’d like to track comments, but I can’t figure out how to do that. I have researched the problem, and there’s some documentation for it, but it’s not very clear. […]

wp_nav_menu google analytics event tracking

I’ve got a WP3 custom menu, with a custom link in the menu, How can I add google analytics event tracking to that custom link. Thanks Alex

Tracking RSS subscribers in Google Analytics

I wish to tag visitors who came to my site and clicked the RSS button. My goal is to “Segment” this visitors in Google Analytics, so I’ll be able to see where my “new readers” are coming from. How can it be done in WordPress?

Google Analytics post views in WordPress?

Does anyone know of a wordpress plugin or widget that uses Google Analytics to display the page views to the user of the page they are on? The reason it need to integrate with google analytics is that I have page views from existing posts that I wish to be counted and the normal page […]

What type of Google tracking should I use?

I have WP Multisite and now I want to track the different sites. I’m using Multisite Domain Mapping to map to My questions is: a) Do I need to add the same google analytics script to all themes? b) when creating the script at GA, I have the following choices: A single domain […]

Track advertisement earnings per blog post and page in wordpress?

I have this unique situation (though i doubt it no one has ever asked this before!). I want to track advertisement earnings from a service like Adsense per blog post and per page or per author . Why i want to achieve this ? we are quite a few number number of authors in this […]

Can I integrate Google Analytics with my blog, hosted at

I have a blog hosted at How do I integrate it with Google Analytics?