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Admin menu bar dropdown opens when I click on a form <select> element (Chrome)

Whenever I click on a <select> element within a form, it opens not only the relevant dropdown but at the same time the first dropdown menu of the admin menu bar. It seems to be an issue with Google Chrome, as this doesn’t happen with Firefox. Does anyone else have the same issue ? Any […]

WordPress Multisite local: wp-login.php refreshes on login Chrome Browser

I just set up WordPress Multisite on my local machine following this tutorial. When I try to login to the admin using Google Chrome, the page just refreshes. I’ve tried Firefox, and I’m able to login and use WordPress Multisite normally and access the dashboard. I’ve tried clearing my cache, and using incognito mode in […]

WordPress website loads but is not displayed until page scrolled

I have built a WordPress website. It loads without problems until recently, but now I am facing a strange behaviour. The website loads, but nothing is displayed until I scroll the page down, or change the browser’s window size. Then the page immediately appears. I am having this problem with Chrome browsers only (both normal […]

Admin sidebar items overlapping in admin panel

Before to report this to wordpress I would like to know if it’s just me or it’s actually a bug. I noticed also another user that asked on the wordpress forum but he hadn’t an answer for that: And the same is here: It happens almost every time I move the cursor above the […]

Chrome Version 44.0.2403.89 m is trying to force HTTPS

With the release of Chrome Version 44.0.2403.89 m, I’ve noticed that our site is now completely broken. All of the HTTP URLs are being redirected to HTTPS URLs, which is a problem because our site does not support HTTPS. Please note, this is not happening in any other browser, and was working on the previous […]

'Password field is empty' error when using autofill in Chrome

When I open the login screen on Chrome, the browser automatically fills the form with my username and password. However, when I hit the submit button, I get the following message: ERROR: The password field is empty. Adding a space to the autofilled password and removing it again does allow me to log in. What’s […]