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White blank page when Updating/Draft/Publishing Page/Post

On my VPS (centos 6.7 64x, 2 cpu’s and 3gb ram) I have setup a WP MU(Memory usage: 53.97 MByte)and many times I have a blank page when I make a post draft or publish/updating it, or when I want to move as an admin to another option in wp. I have added on the […]

How can I fix buggy WordPress dashboard

This question already has an answer here: WordPress admin menu formatting issue 1 answer

Does heavy theme and plugins affect server's response time?

I am building my website using TheSeven theme, with Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons For VC plugins. But my website run very very slow. It takes 6-7 seconds or sometimes higher to load my homepage: here is my homepage I use google Pagespeed to test the website and optimized according to suggestions. But I cannot […]

Tinymce.js editor in Chrome?

For 3+ years I had a custom styles menu in my WordPress editor that I added in functions.php which worked great. Today, I went in to edit a new post, and not only doesn’t my menu work, but I cannot switch to the text-only view in the post editor. I get a console error in […]

How do I authenticate WP users from a chrome extension?

I’m new to WordPress, and I need help. I am writing a chrome extension and intend to use wordpress as the user database. I intend that because I’m using a subscription management WP plugin that keeps our subscription information there on the WP site. I am wanting to use WP authentication to check for subscription […]

How to have an external DB read and get data from my wordpress database

I’m building a Chrome extension and I would like it connected to my wordpress site. What I’m trying to achieve is to have a user register on my wordpress site, and then be able to login using the same credentials on the Chrome extension. How can I achieve this?

Does the 3.4.2 Dashboard have Chrome Frame headers?

A quick google search for “WordPress Dashboard Chrome Frame” seems to indicate that 3.2 and up integrate Google Chrome Frame is included in the Dashboard, but I haven’t been able to find anything official from WordPress about it, and when I inspect the headers in Chrome, I don’t see the standard Chrome Frame headers. Anyone […]

Admin menu bar dropdown opens when I click on a form <select> element (Chrome)

Whenever I click on a <select> element within a form, it opens not only the relevant dropdown but at the same time the first dropdown menu of the admin menu bar. It seems to be an issue with Google Chrome, as this doesn’t happen with Firefox. Does anyone else have the same issue ? Any […]

WordPress Multisite local: wp-login.php refreshes on login Chrome Browser

I just set up WordPress Multisite on my local machine following this tutorial. When I try to login to the admin using Google Chrome, the page just refreshes. I’ve tried Firefox, and I’m able to login and use WordPress Multisite normally and access the dashboard. I’ve tried clearing my cache, and using incognito mode in […]

WordPress website loads but is not displayed until page scrolled

I have built a WordPress website. It loads without problems until recently, but now I am facing a strange behaviour. The website loads, but nothing is displayed until I scroll the page down, or change the browser’s window size. Then the page immediately appears. I am having this problem with Chrome browsers only (both normal […]