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Embed a Google Sheet as you view it in a separate tab?

Is it possible to embed a Google Sheet as you view it in a separate tab like in this website? I have tried to use Publish to the web or the plugin Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer but it just embed a simple sheet. My file has various sheets and lots of data so it will […]

Is there a way to embed a Google Docs form in a page without using plugins?

I’m currently running a WordPress blog. It’s part of a school blog, so unfortunately, I don’t have the permissions to install any plugins. I’ve got a “contact form” set up as a Google Docs form. Right now, I have a page linking to the form. Is there any way that I can embed it directly […]

I have a 1300 line excel spreadsheet that needs to get into a wordpress site ASAP – Looking for ideas

I have an excel spreadsheet that needs to get on a WP site PDQ and IE is choking on it. I tried making an html table, but it’s huge. I looked into some kind a database plugin that would let me import a cvs and then let users browse it, but I can’t even figure […]

Creating an online questionnaire form – by Importing the questions from a spreadsheet?

I’ve got a spreadsheet where each row of the first column is a question, and the next 4 columns are the optional 4 answers to that question. I want to turn these questions into an online form (like as the one offered by google docs) Is there a form plugin (or another solution) that can […]

open all .docs in word online

Hey I’m trying to make all .doc/docx .xls/xlsx files open in office online. This would mean that every link to a .doc would have to instead point to the office online preview link I’m not even sure how to go about doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!