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create dynamic google map with iframe api

I want to create dynamic google map with iframe when customer can add address in custom field suit the google map automatically generate the custom field suit value into location . how can its possible.

Where to paste Google Map Snippet / JavaScript / CSS for WordPress integration

I have a working JS Fiddle here: It is not displaying correctly when I paste all the code onto the text area of a WordPress page. For the external resource to Google’s map libary I added this to functions.php add_action(‘wp_head’,’my_addition_js’); function my_addition_js() { echo ‘<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”/>’; } Pasted the html, css, and javascript […]

ACF google map not working

I tried to add google map field in ACF, but when I try to edit or add new article it show the map for sec and then diable it and wrtie: Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. What can be the problem? How […]

Google map that plot's several markers – each one with custom data

I’m looking to create a custom Google map that plots several markers on it that then shows custom data in the popup when the marker is clicked. I’ve setup the pages in WP in this manner: Map (parent page) Company one (child) Company two (child) Company three (child) …and so on. I want the map […]

Plot location on Google map using full address specified in custom field

Is there an easy way to plot a location on a Google map using an address specified in a custom field? For example, if a post has the following address specified; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 A Google map will automatically be displayed on the page with with a marker on this exact […]

Geo Mashup Maps show only specified categories

I’m using the Geo Mashup plugin to display maps on my site. I’ve changed a pages template, so it now only lists pages from certain categories instead of listing them all, which has now effected my global map to only show maps from the first categories I specify should be listed. I’m using: <?php echo […]

Querying posts by latitude and longitude to build a Google Maps with several markers

I have 4 different post types and 4 differey taxonomies Each term for each taxonomy stores a marker (url to a png icon). Each post has coordinates attached with Advanced Custom Fields and I’ll probably use Geo Data Store to optimise scalability. a) how would you ideally query for the posts which fall under a […]

passing markup thought a shortcode attribute

Happy holidays everyone. Hope someone can help me in thinking about a problem I’ve run into. I have a plugin Im building that allows the user to pull address data from the maps API – ie it validates an address and if it is a business, pulls the marker icon, address details, web link etc. […]

Extracting Address from Custom Post via Javascript for Google Maps API

I am created a theme with custom posts which outputs to a Google Map with place markers. Users will create a custom post users and include street addresses which will be geocoded using Google’s Map API v3 and a marker is placed on a Google Map. I am relatively new to coding and designing custom […]

How to add multiple markers on the google map, at a certain meta_key and meta_value

I have over 200 customposts and each has customfields (add_city, add_state, add_location) in each custompost is googlmap with customfield (geo_longitude geo_latitude) Help please, display in googlmap multiple markers, depending on more meta_key meta_value. To sort kustomposts I use this beautiful code : <?php $args = array( ‘meta_query’=> array( array( ‘key’ => ‘add_state’, ‘value’=> ‘ill’ ), […]