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Simple plugins to post info about new blog entries?

I am looking for some plugins that would automatically post information about new blog entries (posts) to my facebook/google+ pages. But – simple search through plugins listing shows that such plugins don’t exists, or are rare. Most of the plugins offer content sharing the other way (i.e. display entries from facebook/google+ in your wordpress blog), […]

Is it possible to integrate WordPress *posts* and social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)?

Is there a plugin available that will automatically post an excerpt of a blog post (perhaps up to the more tag) to specified social media groups/pages. So, for example, on posting an excerpt would be posted with a ‘Read more’ link to a user-defined Facebook group, G+ page and, possibly, twitter feed? If not, is […]

Google Authorship on a multi-author blog?

I hav been having some difficulties getting authorship set up for a multi-author blog. Everything appears to be set up correctly, but I am wondering if having multiple rel=”author” tags on the home page is preventing the Google+ Profile of the main author from appearing in search results. By default, the wordpress theme I am […]

Retrieving Google Plus share count with wp_remote_post

So I’ve spent most of my morning working on my website’s customized social share buttons. Reading out Twitter and Facebook shares were no problem, but Google Plus is a real challenge, as they don’t offer an easy-to-use GET API. I found a working technique using barebones CURL ( ). But previously, I’ve tried hard […]

Is there a plugin that pushes posts to your Google+ profile?

A Google+ equivalent to Simple Twitter Connect that pushes every post you make to your G+ profile – does such a plugin exist?