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Display a consistent Google Plus icon on ALL pages of my site

My website is and I have managed to setup the Google Plus script. The issue is that every page of the site displays a different Google Plus count. For example, if you go on my site you will see that I have about 180 Google Pluses. Now, if you click on something like “Tablified […]

facebook like, tweet and google+1 buttons inside the loop on home, archive and search pages and missing facebook like buttons

Is there a way to add social media buttons, especially facebook like, tweet and google+1 inside the loop for each post on home, search and archive pages without getting masses of script downloads? And on slight tangent, but not much, I seem to be missing facebook like buttons on half of the posts in the […]

how to show Author information in search results

Google search result does not show author information or thumbnail images. the source code look like this <link rel=”author” href=””/> procedure followed same like what google says. unfortunately the result doesn’t appear. here is the website link if anybody any body know the reason please answer. Thanks in advance

how to connect the author profile with google webmaster tools in multiuser blog?

in this page google help us to enable our profile image on google search list when some one search get results from our blog post. my question not about how to do that … like this link that closed … but about the blog that has many authors that in the Google article i cant […]

Is there a WordPress plugin that can post to Google+?

I am using WP to Twitter on my WordPress blog to trigger a tweet every time I post something. Obviously this is for Twitter only, I need something to post on Google+ too.

Simple plugins to post info about new blog entries?

I am looking for some plugins that would automatically post information about new blog entries (posts) to my facebook/google+ pages. But – simple search through plugins listing shows that such plugins don’t exists, or are rare. Most of the plugins offer content sharing the other way (i.e. display entries from facebook/google+ in your wordpress blog), […]

Is it possible to integrate WordPress *posts* and social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)?

Is there a plugin available that will automatically post an excerpt of a blog post (perhaps up to the more tag) to specified social media groups/pages. So, for example, on posting an excerpt would be posted with a ‘Read more’ link to a user-defined Facebook group, G+ page and, possibly, twitter feed? If not, is […]

Google Authorship on a multi-author blog?

I hav been having some difficulties getting authorship set up for a multi-author blog. Everything appears to be set up correctly, but I am wondering if having multiple rel=”author” tags on the home page is preventing the Google+ Profile of the main author from appearing in search results. By default, the wordpress theme I am […]

Retrieving Google Plus share count with wp_remote_post

So I’ve spent most of my morning working on my website’s customized social share buttons. Reading out Twitter and Facebook shares were no problem, but Google Plus is a real challenge, as they don’t offer an easy-to-use GET API. I found a working technique using barebones CURL ( ). But previously, I’ve tried hard […]

Is there a plugin that pushes posts to your Google+ profile?

A Google+ equivalent to Simple Twitter Connect that pushes every post you make to your G+ profile – does such a plugin exist?