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Hiding Custom Post Type from Google?

I have a plugin that uses custom post type for holding content that I pull via a shortcode elsewhere. However on a new site I noticed one of the posts in the CPT started showing up in the google search results. The post isn’t linked anywhere directly. How would that show up there? How can […]

Best way to Integrate Google Search?

I would like to use Google Search as opposed to the built-in search provided by the WordPress engine. What would be the best way to integrate Google Search?

How to redirect a Custom Google Search to a wordpress page/template?

I’m using the Google Custom Search plugin by edwinkwan (the first that appears in the wordpress plugin repository). I added the search box: <?php display_search_box(DISPLAY_RESULTS_CUSTOM); ?> in the header. and the results: <?php display_gsc_results(); ?> in this page: (Which is a tempalte called search-results.php) Now, I can only see the results if I perform […]

Strange Search Queries in Apache Status

I am running a wordpress website with high traffic, my server load gets very high and while checking apache status i found flood of wordpress searches like this /?s=\”khabarnaak\”&id=39790 HTTP/1.0 Now this doesn’t looks like a normal search, is this some kind of attack ? or some issue with plugin ? How can i dig […]

Searching in shortcode contents

Can WP search be extended to search in shortcode generated contents? If it is not a possibility please guide if replacing default WP search with Google Custom Search will solve the problem of searching through shortcode contents. Apparently, it should be possible because search engines index final html pages.

Display title for search engine visitors

I read somewhere*) that there’s some q part inside the wp_query object, that identifies search engine visitors and shows the keywords they searched for. I’m currently developing local, so i can’t access/see $GLOBALS[‘wp_query’]->q;. Could someone varify if this exists and/or has some alternate solution for retrieving: the search engine name the search string searched inside […]

How to publish page that can't be detected by search engines?

I like to publish drafts in my ‘Uncategorized’ category. This category is not linked anywhere on my site. It’s great for allowing contributors to an article to read the draft before it is made public. The problem is that after just 2 or 3 days, search engines begin picking up the draft and people start […]

Duplicate Australian E-Commerce site

I have a WordPress ECommerce site targetted for US customers. I am planning to launch a different site for Customers in Australia. As I will be selling the same products the website/information will be the same for the most part. The product prices will reflect the local pricing and competition. Overtime there will be more […]

Make Google index the entire post if it is separated into several pages

While this is a question, it is as well a serious warning to publishers that separate their posts using <!–nextpage–>. Bare with me. I run a highly trafficked multiple author platform that rank very high on search engines. While making SEO related improvements, I noticed that only the first page of an article that is […]