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Googlebot adding /feed at the end of my URLs

I have seen on Google Webmaster that the crawler is searching for URLs by adding /feedat their end. e.g. 4 holiday-fashion-from-daisy-darche/feed/ 404 8/4/14 This obviously leads to a 404 error. Why is google doing this? How can I prevent this? I found this related article:

Google isn't able to search my website

I have recently started a new website namely CMS) and google is not able to search/index my website.I searched google for my website many times but it doesn’t come up with results.Please Help.Thanks

Trying to update robots.txt

I have installed and activaded the WP Robots txt plugin. Then I have gone to wp-admin/options-reading.php I have pasted a new robotst.txt content and Save it. But I can not see the new content at Any help? I have installed also the SEO plugins, could be this related?

Homepage meta title and description not showing in search engines?

I have just launched a new website and have been having trouble locating it anywhere on search engines, so I decided to do a google search for “” to show all of the results from my website. The homepage is the first page to be displayed, however, it is saying the meta title is a […]

Sitelinks Search box schema confusion

Trying to implement Sitelinks Search box schema in order to help Google show a search-box above my sitelinks I realized there is some confusion (for a newbie) in the current documentation I could find. This is the example provided by Google “@context”: “”, “@type”: “WebSite”, “url”: “”, “potentialAction”: { “@type”: “SearchAction”, “target”: “{search_term_string}”, “query-input”: “required […]

How to give a website (WordPress) a custom title and description in Google search

it’s about the website When you do a Google search for “” you get to see “” as the result – no custom site title or description at all. When you do a Google search for “kindheitsorte” you get “Informationen” as the site title (which is pretty weird because this title has never been […]

Add Google custom search to

I would like to add Google custom search to my site. I have pasted HTML code from custom search to text widget in a sidebar, but instead of search box, I got text: Loading google.load(‘search’, ‘1’, {language : ‘en’}); google.setOnLoadCallback(function() { var customSearchControl = new‘007267089725385613265:gmydx5gtw6u’); customSearchControl.setResultSetSize(; var options = new; options.setAutoComplete(true); customSearchControl.draw(‘cse’, […]

XML Sitemap Generator can't notify google and bing

I am using wordpress Version 2.9.2 and XML Sitemap Generator 3.2.3 I have registered with Google Webmaster Tools. But I get an error while notifying to Google and I really don’t know what it means. Heres a screenshot : And when I click on view result it show me the following message: Ping Test Trying […]

Why last blog post excerpt is shown instead of meta description?

Instead of meta description of my main page Google shows excerpt from my last blog post. How do I fix that?

How to make wordpress URLS google friendly for ajax driven sites?

Our wordpress site utilizes the wordpress cms to serve up json data that we ingest via ajax requests and serve up with javascript. I would like to create URLs for my regular wordpress pages/posts that follow google’s recommended crawlable ?_escaped_fragment_= URL permalink structure: For more information on crawlable ajax, read this article. This article also […]