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WP-RestAPI and xml sitemap

Using the WP-RestAPI to pull a wordpress blog into an angularjs application. Works extremely well. The blog is using Yoast SEO for the for meta descriptions and keywords. I would like to use the yoast xml sitemap as well for submitting to google. However, because of route structure I need to save the sitemap to […]

google xml sitemap won't work on directory install

I have installed wordpress in directory above the root called “wp”. I’m having issues with the google xml sitemap generator. I cannot rebuild the xml code and write it the sitemap.xml file. I have been on the phone with my hosting company and they assure me the file does have full control for its file […]

Sub Domain's Pages return 404

Need some help, I created these websites The main site is working fine, but the pages of the those subdomains are not working. it always returns 404, you can try visiting those sites and click on any posts or pages..

WordPress site running on Yoast not being indexed into Google News

I have a site that was migrated a week ago from Movable Type 4 to WordPress and ever since then, the posts are not getting indexed into Google News. We used the same meta key that we used on MT4 and we did not change the domain name in the migration. We did, obviously, change […]

Generate XML Sitemap for Blog on Magento Platform

Our store is on Magento which is installed at root. Our blog uses WordPress and is installed at /wp of our domain and renders at /blog. I’ve tried just about every plugin but cannot generate an xml sitemap for the blog. Each one creates an HTML sitemap of the Magento store without any reference to […]

Mystery URL http://#/ Listed in XML Sitemap Created by WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

I’m using the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. I’m having problems getting the Sitemaps XML section to work properly. Google gives me the dreaded red X for the status of the sitemap. The error message Google gives is: 208 “Invalid URL This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit.” The incorrect Google […]

Why do I get a 404 for my sitemap index after installing Yoast?

I just installed the Yoast plugin on my WordPress blog, so that I can automatically create my sitemap xml. However when I visit the page sitemap_index.xml I get a “404 page not found” error. Why isn’t my sitemap there?

how can I check if I have sitemap?

maybe it’s a very stupid question but I’m just getting into wordpress and I installed a plugin Google XML Sitemaps and activated it, but I’m not quite sure that it really provides me with sitemap.xml how can I check that? when I go to I can see site map information, so I guess it […]