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Adding avatars/gravatar to a WordPress blog

I am trying to add avatars to my wordpress web site and I activated them through the settings – discussion as you would normally do. But because I have a very customised theme, I guess, it is not working. That is the code in my functions.php, where it shows the author and the comment, but […]

How do I get a post author's image/avatar via RSS from another blog?

I have 2 websites: one is a company website, the other is a blog for the company – these sites are on separate domains. On the homepage of the company website, there’s a square tile featuring the latest post from the blog, including the blog title (hyperlinked) and the post author’s picture/avatar. To retrieve the […]

Working with Gravatars within a localhost development area

Is is possible to add an author photo (gravatar), while developing our WordPress site offline in a /localhost environment? I see that the gravator process is requesting for an online site to be associated to, but my site is still in a development stage offline. Thanks for any tips

Gravatar Size Via Theme Functions?

Currently, to call comments I am simply using: <?php wp_list_comments(); ?> in comments.php. This is calling up gravatars, which I would like to be able to set the size of. How can I set the size of gravatars in my comments.

Gravatar – Default IMG

Gravatar is slowing my website and I want to host mystery man on my main server. So this is my normal gravatar mystery man <img class=”avatar avatar-68 avatar-default” width=”68″ height=”68″ alt=”avatar” style=”width: 68px; height: 68px;” src=””></img> And I want to host it on my server, so I tried to use this php code function my_own_gravatar( […]

Fetching Gravatar

How can I fetch anyone’s gravatar image? I need to show users gravatar image on a custom profile page that am making. I have so far integrated the option of Facebook Profile Pic (which automatically gets grabbed) and also am allowing user to assign his/her own photo (on wish). What I need to do is, […]

Replace Gravatar with uploaded images?

I’ve added functionality to upload profile picture by following THIS guide. I can’t find an online guide or any documentation about WP hooks.. How to replace Gravatar profile pictures (in comment section) with custom uploaded images? I don’t want to force my users to register Gravatar in order to change their profile picture on my […]

Which Function Displays The Post Authors Gravatar

I am using: echo get_avatar(get_the_author_id(), 30); Which works, however i am getting this notice to use: echo get_avatar(get_the_author_meta(), 30); Which doesn’t display the authors Gravatar image, just the Gravatar default image. **Notice:** get_the_author_ID is deprecated since version 2.8! Use get_the_author_meta(‘ID’) instead. in C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\\wp-includes\functions.php on line 2908 So my question is, what should i use to […]

Which core file is responsible for gravatars?

I realize modifying the core files is frowned against but I strongly believe that the WP core SHOULD NOT rely on external links. In my situation, I’m behind the Great Chinese Firewall, the gravatar sites are blocked. This causes a lag in my page load times. I have a patch in place but I’d like […]

Remove hovercard for only certian gravatars

I am using the Extended Gravatar plugin by Reza Moallemi and it works great. However, on my about page I have a large gravatar to show the author. I would like to know if there is a class I can add to not show the hovercard. Or php that can be added to get_avatar(‘$email’) I […]