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Is it risky if I update all url in the database due to my site url changed?

Let’s say I have a wordpress site on a subdomain. Initially, I created the site with “www.” >>> Now, I’d like to change site url to only without www anymore. I can change it via Settting > General but I checked the database and I found that all of my images in media […]

Are there some caveats for using guids for FB comments

I’m using Facebook comments box and just realized that when we use <div class=”fb-comments” data-href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” data-width=”100%” data-numposts=”5″></div> and then realize our title is wrong, changing the title (and slug in the process) we lose all social counts because they are tied to the url. So I was wondering why I’m not using <div […]

Creating posts from API data, how to identify posts already imported?

As the title says, I’m using an API to fetch some data which is used to create CPT posts, and need to identify items returned from the API which have already been inserted as posts. The API returns unique IDs for each item, which naturally leads me toward just making use of the GUID column, […]

Custom permalink for each post

im importing data from Drupal to WP. I have more than 10 000 posts. Each post have ID, category and slug. For example: Category> important ID> 11111 Slug> hello-world I need to keep permalinks same like they are on drupal because of SEO: The problem is that, i cant insert post with ID 11111 […]

Is it safe to add a new field to meta_value field?

I’m trying to offload WordPress images from my web server. I’ve successfully moved everything over to Amazon AWS and have a syncing mechanism in place that uploads new images to AWS. Now I would like to store a flag somewhere that indicates whether the image has been synced so my custom theme can pick the […]

GUID field in wp_posts – relevance for attachments?

How significant is the guid field in wp_posts? I’m doing a migration and adding a lot of images to the table (via wp_insert_attachment, wp_generate_attachment_metadata and wp_update_attachment_metadata), but the guid field isn’t filled by default. Should i correct this?

GUID not updated on import

I’ve exported data from my dev server and imported it to my prod server. One template is listing child pages and uses $page->guid to get link to page. The problem is that this link still points to my internal dev server. Has anyone else had similar problems? And if yes, how do I solve it […]

Moving WordPress Directory (same domain) – GUID issue?

I have a WordPress installation on a directory within my domain. So, it is like this: WordPress is placed in /blog/ I’d like to move the WordPress installation Blog Posts back to the root level. When I exported the XML file I noticed that each blog post had this GUID reference: <guid isPermaLink=”false”></guid> >> […]

Importing Direct to DB – GUID Question

I’ve got a CSV file of new posts which I’ll be importing straight into the database. Is it safe to give a GUID of http://domain/?p=[n] where [n] is any number, as long as it’s not a duplicate of an existing post?

problem with guid, when i change the folder name

I’m new to WordPress. I started the site as good with folder name wordpress. After I changed the folder name from wordpress to test. And also change the siteurl from http://localhost/wordpress to http://localhost/test in wp_options table. And I modified the guid with this refer. My problem is, still I click any ‘post’ or ‘comment’, that […]