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How to change all the guid in posts table?

Recently I have transferred my WordPress from development server to live server. I noticed that I have to change all the “guid” with live domain url. Is there any mysql query or simple function available to change it easily.

One reason for changing the GUID

I create product custom posts from an external data suscription, populating some custom fields and displaying product specifications automatically. As there are a lot of these products, the manual review of each one is made after the custom post have been already published. And it is at that moment when I want my readers to […]

Duplicate Posts using Feedwordpress

Feedwordpress has an issue with creating duplicate posts. This duplication does not happen predictably, however, so it is hard to debug it. I need to be able to reproduce duplicating posts before I can go any further. Has anyone been able to reproduce duplicate posts when a feed is updated using feedwordpress? If so, what […]

wp_posts – guid update

Hello and please excuse if this has been answered before but we really need to make sure. We have developed a website under a domain of ours and then moved it to the live site of the client. We have run a few sql queries in the db in order to update to the new […]

How to introduce Permalinks into pop-u-lar widget?

I am using the pop-u-lar widget on my blog, which is linking to the selected posts by their “guid”s. However, the site itself is using human-readable links instead and I want the widget to do the same. The widget uses a “for each” loop with the variable $post, so I thought get_the_permalink($post) would do the […]

Problem with guids and absolute links

Post and page guids include the full absolute URL of my site (e.g. This causes a problem if the domain, or wordpress path changes, or if I’m viewing the site via its IP address rather its domain, etc. Problem 1: there are some internal links on my site that are using the guid. I’m […]

Moving WP install from local to live, what about wp_posts GUID?

Done this before and i am still wondering what to do with the wp_posts => guid content, which has reference to http://localhost But at it clearly states: Never, ever, change the contents of the GUID column, under any circumstances. But as i understand it is just to unique identify your posts globally. But […]