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Custom Post Types and Removing Slugs – should we do it?

I’ve run into issues trying to remove my custom post types slugs and I’ve read other questions on here from people with the same problem. We don’t want that slug in our URL! But the solutions to this all seem to involve some sort of hack, a rewrite rule to fix the inevitable 404. Some […]

Admin user lacks admin permissions after hack and can't reinstate

My site (4.5.3 on Apache/Linux) was hacked, I suspect something like the one described here. As best I can tell I’ve removed or at least disabled the hack, however admin users aren’t able to perform actions like updating WordPress, adding plugins, etc. So far, I have tried: Editing the existing admin user’s permissions via phpMyAdmin. […]

Can't Find a “Most Popular Tags” Hack Anywhere

If anybody knows where to find a most popular tags hack, I would be forever grateful. I’ve searched and searched to no avail.

how to activate a plugin inside a theme

Iam trying to activate a plugin which is inside my theme template directory, ie : i have a folder called plugin inside my current theme, which has some plugins how can i activate those plugins from the current plugins options.

Trying to get variables in hacked category dropdown

I’ve discovered a workaround to get wp_category_dropdown to display as a multiple select field. My code is as follows: <?php $sponsors = wp_dropdown_categories( array( ‘child_of’ => 0, ‘class’ => ‘postform’, ‘depth’ => 0, ‘echo’ => 0, ‘exclude’ => ”, ‘hide_empty’ => false, ‘hide_if_empty’ => false, ‘hierarchical’ => true, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, ‘orderby’ => ‘name’, ‘selected’ […]

security issue in wordpress?

I have installed wordpress in and now suppose if someone is familiare with wordpress he/she can easily access my stuffs through etc even he can see all stuffs from without logging in to my site.Is there any way to prevent this.something like access denied if he is not logged in or […]

Can't stop hacker trying to get admin access in WordPress blog after trying many ways

I have a self-hosted WordPress blog, and for weeks someone has been trying log in as admin. I’m looking for a way to stop it. Since I started blocking the originating IP address, the attempts started coming from many IPs but in batches of three or four tries at 10 minute intervals – so it’s […]

WordPress Phone Verification

Is there a way to check verified members phone numbers by sending code to their mobile phones just like Facebook does? This would be very handy to stop spammers and allows only one user per phone number.

Synchronizing Two WordPress Sites Content

I’ve googled a lot, and I do have found answers at WordPress SE and at However, the answers are somewhat incomplete or doesn’t work at all. Here I’ll explain my problem in detail, give my progress on the problem and the obstacles I’m facing in solving the problem. Assumptions:- Plugins and themes at both […]

WordPress Admin Login Custom Logo

I know this may not be possible.But just trying to know wordpress deeply. Is it possible to replace default admin login page with custom one?