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Change header image loaded by jQuery to use HTTPS

My theme contains a parallax header image. How can I change the URL of the header image so that it uses HTTPS? I want to do it manually. Currently the URL is: I want to change it to: Plugins are not helping me on this specific file (they are converting others). Chrome tells […]

Use a higher than 230px logo image with 2013 theme

UPDATE: My question is not offtopic, because WordPress crops the logo image and not just CSS. I’m trying to use a 4724 × 2362 png image as a site logo at the top of a WordPress website with the stock Twenty Thirteen theme. By default the image height is cropped (here fullscreen) and you can’t […]

Featured Image Inherited from Parent Page

What I would like to do is have my parent page’s featured images display, unless a child page has its own featured image, then I would like that image to become the featured image from that page and the rest of its children pages. -Page 1 -Page 2 -Sub Page 1 -Sub Page 2 -Sub […]

How do I change the header image height in Twenty Seventeen?

How do I change the height of the header image (specified in the Header Media section) in the Twenty Seventeen Theme? Specifically I want to change it on the home page because here it fills up nearly the entire page. I want it to be much shorter. The way it appears on other pages such […]

What to do with unattached logos and header uploaded via native wordpress uploader?

Normally when we sort unattached images, they include logos and header images too. My question is simple. Is there any method to keep header and logos safe from deletion? Is it possible to attach them to a page (eg logo or header page) automatically when uploaded so that they will not appear unattached in media […]

Optimal approach for replacing the 8 header images in a child theme?

After creating a child theme which is made of style.css only (base on twentyeleven), the time has come to replace the images. I found this great tip for accomplishing this by hacking the functions in twentyeleven but my main concern is minimizing work after a WordPress update. I thought of simply replacing the images in […]