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Insert Facebook button into header

I am trying to add a Facebook button to the center of my header image. I have tried adding a link to my header.php on different sections, but it either displays the button above or beneath the logo, instead of inside the image. Any suggestions on where I should insert it? Website: Image:

get_header_image() causes “Prioritize visible content” issue in Page Speed Insights

I am trying to optimize my site’s speed using PageSpeed Insights. I got the critical CSS inlined by using grunt criticalcss. That’s all fine, but in my header, I use get_header_image() to show the logo. Page Speed Insights complains that “Only about 34% of the final above-the-fold content could be rendered with the full HTML […]

Set a featured image as a replacement to the header image

I am setting a header image as a background image to the .blog__header block via inline styles in functions.php: $header_image = get_header_image(); if ( $header_image ) { $header_image_css = ” .blog__header { background-image: url({$header_image}); }”; wp_add_inline_style( ‘theme-styles’, $header_image_css ); } now I want to replace this header image with a featured image if set: $header_image […]

Header background image just stopped working

So for no reason by header background image stopped working. It doesn’t display anything at all. I spent an hour debugging but couldn’t find anything. I checked the network tab and can see that only logo.svg gets loaded and not bg.jpg. Hopefully you can spot something. Here is some code: header.php <?php /** * The […]

How do I provide for multiple crops of the same image in a theme?

I’ve been working on a WordPress theme (my first, actually) and the design includes a header image. However, the header is extremely wide and thus is really small when adapted to a phone layout. How would I allow for multiple crops of the same header image, so that I could have one wide crop for […]

header_image not working after site copy

I did a copy of a production site to a development site, but the header_image doesn’t work after the copy. The copy was done by doing a copy&replace of the host in the db dump file. Everything seems to work except that I now only get the default custom header image and not the one […]

Display different header images based on current page

I want to display, based on the current page another header image. Short example: Home -> Image A PageId 1,2,3,4 -> Image B (2,3,4 are childs of page 1) PageId 5, 6 -> Image C … I tried to edit the header.php of my theme, because there is the coding block which displays the header […]

Rotate images in header based on date

I am new to WordPress and I would appreciate some cool advice here. I have changed the header.php file in the Editor to include an image. I wonder if it is possible to automatically display one of 9 possible images depending on the date (ie. rotate them)

One post out of more than twenty shows odd picture (from post) in the header

(WP 3.5.1) My blog has a header picture showing its name. But for some reason exactly one post shows a picture in the header which is actually used within the post itself. Frequency of character combinations for three languages I don’t even know how I would acomplish such feat if I wanted – given that […]

Change a Page's Header Image

I am using Sunrise Theme from , and I was wondering if in the individual pages I can have a different Header Image, because from what I can tell they use the same CSS code in displaying the header image on the Home Page. Here is the screenshot of the Home page showing the […]