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Putting my site live

Can anyone help? I’ve been building a wordpress site in a sub directory of an umbrella ‘development domain’ if you will, and am ready to go live with the site. It’s a single install of wordpress. The wordpress file location is to remain exactly as it is, and we’re just repointing the DNS of the […]

Remove site root trailing slash

I am using WordPress for a “news” section on a e-commerce site. So the root of the wordpress install is in a sub-folder. I have setup the home & site URL to reflect this in the admin. I also make sure there are no trailing slashes in the permalinks. However, it keeps doing a […]

Multiple homes for multiple languages

I want to have multiples homes, for use multiples languages. For do for example: if($_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] == ‘’) defime(‘WPLANG’, ‘en’); else efime(‘WPLANG’, ‘es’);

is_home doesn't affect content

I have a bunch of html i need to show only if it is a homepage. My theme pulls content from AJAX and then changes the URL to reflect the new content change. in the meantime, the homepage content (the entirety of which is contained in the footer) still remains below, what i need to […]

Remove WPML's home_url filter

The WPML plugin filter’s home_url in order to provide a link to the home page specific to the language you are viewing. (So if you are reading a Spanish page home_url() will point you to I need to disable for a site that will not have language-specific homepages. So I went digging into the […]

Unable to load static front page on home url

I installed wordpress in /wp/ directory. So in my blog every URL had /wp/ in it. I followed multiple articles(1,2) and was able to remove the ‘wp’ from URLs. before – after – In permalink settings I have selected – post name – Now every url I open do not have /wp/ […]

How can I make WordPress serve homepage to different URL?

I would like to set up a landing page and a homepage for my WordPress website. I am new to WordPress, but I am an experienced web developer. WordPress will only serve the homepage content if the URL is; however, I would like to force it to serve the homepage content to I […]

Why does WordPress rely on an fully qualified site_url with a 15-step plan for moving a site?

From the Moving WordPress codex page (emphasis mine): When your domain name or URLs change there are additional concerns. The files and database can be moved, however references to the old domain name or location will remain in the database, and that can cause issues with links or theme display. If you do a search […]

Is it possible to use a single custom post as the site front page

I know I can set a static page as the homepage but is it possible to set a single custom post as the site front page? I created a custom post type called “portfolio” where users can add all the work they have done as posts and I need one of those posts to display […]

Setting a permalink for the home page?

I have a static default wordpress home page. As you know if you have a homepage on wordpress you can not set a permalink through the admin options, you can only set permalinks for non homepages. Does anyone know of a way that I can set a permalink for my homepage? So that when I […]