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Displaying the last post on static homepage

(It might not be the first time this question is asked, but every time I found someone else asking it elsewhere, the post was very old and the method used wasn’t efficient anymore.) ► I’d like to be able to show the last article of a specific category (let’s say the category is “news”) on […]

When does WP ignore content added through the backend editor?

In the same way that content added through the editor of a ‘blog home’ page (main page of posts) is ignored, are there other pages/instances where content added through the backend editor is ignored? To elaborate further, the following is stated in the codex: DO NOT add content. Leave it blank. Any content here will […]

my homepage does not have SSL but another page is ok

I have use plugin Really simple SSL to enable my site to https. Everything is ok but when wordpress update my site automatically to 4.8.4. Only my homepage do not work for https otherwise another pages are ok. You can see some example in this image: My homepage when loading: My homepage when full load: […]

How to make Home Menu( Front Page) use index.php instead of page.php

I needed a “Home” menu item in my wordpress website, so I created a new page and named it “Home”, added it to my main menu item and then from Reading Settings I selected the “Home” as Front Page. Now the problem is, the Home is using page.php instead of index.php. I really need to […]

Displaying custom post type on front page

I added a new custom post type to my WordPress theme but it refuses to show on the homepage. I tried setting <?php query_posts( array( ‘post_type’ => array(‘post’, ‘reviews’) ) );?> but it doesn’t seem to work, it just loops my normal posts. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful. Here’s a pastie of my index […]

Change Site Title and Description html tags if not home page

For the purpose of good HTML structure, accessibility and SEO I’d like to change the site’s title and description from H1 and H2 to P when appearing on any page other than the homepage. A conditional statement logic would be something like; when not homepage change site title and description to Site Title and Description […]

Testing if current page is the static page set as home page

I set my ‘About’ page as home page, its permalink (my_site/about/) became my_site/ as a result. Is_page(‘about’) returns TRUE on my local server but FALSE on online server. Why is that ?

Optimal way to redirect home page to category archive?

Question What’d be an optimal way to redirect the home page of a WordPress site to a category archive without involving external factors (e.g. Apache’s .htaccess) i.e. within WordPress? Why? (Only to justify the question. Please let this not turn the question into too localized.) It’s a news site. The categories are used as Editions, […]

Redirect home to another page with htaccess

I have a page which is called /home and I would like to make my .htaccess redirect it to /homepage which is the actual page that I want to show. My .htaccess has the following: # Switch rewrite engine off in case this was installed under HostPay. RewriteEngine Off SetEnv DEFAULT_PHP_VERSION 55 DirectoryIndex index.cgi index.php […]

How to only show the first X words (from each post) on the home page?

How can you have it so that the site’s home page will only show the first X (let’s say 300) words of the post? But without using “more” tag, or hand filled excerpts? I am looking for a plugin/hack for WP 2.9 and onward. I came across several solutions so far, but am hoping for […]