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How much resources are good enough for 3.9.2

I have the following specification: memory_limit(maximal 128 MB), max_execution_time(max 60 sec) same PHP-Prozesse(max 10) Is this good enough for wordpress? I am having a small site with around 100 visits a day, so nothing really large. Do you think I could host 2 other wordpress installations on the server? I appreciate your answer!

DB_HOST – is LOCALHOST speedy than domain name?

I am interested, on some hosting(although they are paid hostings, and even the DNS nameservers are pointed to that hosting), you have to insert: (instead of: localhost) , and i was afraid, that connecting to will be much slower… Am I right? p.s.

Server specification

I’d like to know server specifications for wordpress portal, knowing provided below data: For user with accounts Number of accounts 40k + 1000 per year Number of user in peek hour – 16000 avarage requests per session – 350 think time – 7s For anonim users Users daily – 6k – 8k user in peek […]

Hosting wordpress on Amazon

I have a client who has their site hosted somewhere where they are maxing out (it’s a huge site). They’re looking to continue hosting their future content elsewhere and I thought of Amazon- is this possible and how would this be done?

Unable to Edit Destination settings – 1and1 hosting

I am trying to host my wordpress site on 1and1 server. But I all the help documents point to editing destination under domain settings in my control panel. Unfortunately, I am unable to see that option Could you please let me know how can I enable the option and transfer my wordpress files? Regards, Bengalurean

What is required in the hosting environment for WordPress to process an image into multiple sizes?

I’m looking for source documentation on what hosting environment prerequisites there are for the hosting environment so that WordPress can process images into multiple sizes. All the libraries necessary to process images in the way WordPress does are not included in the PHP core of WordPress itself. I’m looking for a list of what additional […]

lost all the links in WordPress after changing hosting

I am moving my wordpress website from one hosting to another. i moved my file(from filesmanager) correctly i export database from phpmyadmin to new host phpmyadmin Home page working fine ( When i click on any post this error occurs [Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not […]

Plugin Repostitory Questions

Hei, i’ve been developing a few plugins over the last few weeks that i want to share, soon, such as: a ‘helper’-plugin, that eases the creation of standard option pages a photo contest manager a subcription signup manager (a rewrite of ‘user role subscriptions’ by Byrd) a basic affiliate ad campain manager with referral tracking […]

Removing the ribbon

This is such a simple question, but I’m having trouble getting the answer. Is it possible to have a blog at and not have the banner (shown below)? Is it simply a matter of purchasing the “master of your domain” premium feature? Or must I host my own installation (which is not […]

Fantastico pros and cons

I am working with someone that has a host ( that uses fantastico to install WordPress. Basically, my question is has anyone had bad experiences with fantastico or webhost Note, I have installed WordPress on my local machine (Windows) and didn’t have any trouble. I don’t have experience installing on a hosting service manually […]