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How can I use more than 2 DB's

Say I buy a hosting package with GoDaddy and they allow 1GB max databases. So my question is how can I combine and use 2 DB’s in WordPress? Is there a plug=in or do I need to edit the wp-config.php file? Benny, Age 12.

How do I copy a wordpress database?

I’m trying to migrate my wordpress site from an old host to a new host. The WordPress Codex says “you can move by just copying your files and database.” Copying the files is easy enough, but how do I copy my database? I’m sure I’m just not looking in the right places, but I can’t […]

How much should this hosting cost?

I have a client with a wordpress site that gets the following traffic. 6.2-6.4 Million page views per month Around 3 TB of Transfer per month Most of the users are logged in, so the static caching options are not that effective. About 80% of the traffic is direct to the DB. We have about […]

Strange redirection issues on wordpress from ssl with padlock to ssl without padlock

First time posting here so hopefully Ive got the right question in the right place. I recently moved servers and then decided to add a ssl certificate. Since the move traffic has plummeted. Looking at the site it seems that when you hit a site it doing some sort of redirect. On the iPhone this […]

Scheduled posting not working

I have WordPress 3.5.1 and I use Bluehost hosting service. When I schedule posts after that time passed, WP posts dashboard shows “Missed schedule” message under the date. Then I checked my wp-config.php has define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); there’s no such a define line. Then I added define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, false); under the database lines. After that I added […]

Htaccess for Wordpess set on single subdomain

Situation I have standard hosting in OVH (not VPS) and I’m able to set many websites on it in a different subdirectories, I would like to install 2 instances of WordPress – first in directory /A and secend in directory /B I would like “A” to use and “B” to use Question In […]

Concurrent / simultaneous MySQL connections

I’ve been looking for the best WordPress hosting for me and I’m wondering how many MySQL connections at once WordPress requires? I know this is kind of general question but how does it look for you? I’m going to host around 3-5 WordPress installs and each will have around 80 000 page views monthly (around […]

Google Site and WordPress

Can WordPress be used through Google Sites? Instead of creating a blog at WordPress itself, I’m considering to make a mesh of a website and blog using Google Sites and WordPress source code, but I’m not sure how to do this, or even if it’s possible. What do you think?

How to detect that site is hosted on WPEngine?

Is there anyway to detect that WordPress is hosted on WPEngine? The reason why I need to know it in their approach to eliminate cookies. But my plugin relies on cookie and can’t work without it. So I need to not run the plugin on WPEngine hosting. Any thoughts?

Moving wordpress out of the public directory

Is there a way to move wordpress out of the public html directory? The PHP files responsible for generating html output should be hosted but the php files responsible for database connections and other logic should not be hosted. They can be included by the hosted files in the following way: ../../NotPublic/wp-admin/… Symfony does this […]