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Free WordPress Hosting with Custom Themes?

Is there any place that has free hosting for wordpress and allows custom themes? I have seen a bunch that offer free hosting but none that seem to allow custom themes. I guess I should add a Little more about why I want it to be free I just want to throw up a site […]

wordpress website host price and security

I am creating a website which I need to host. If I buy a domain from one of the website hosting companies do they provide security from attacks or should I some how take care of it? If I have to take care of it how should I ensure that my website (developed using wordpress) […]

Where Can I get wordpress hosting similar to

I know there are tons of places that offer wordpress hosting but what I am after is one where I dont need to do all the upgrades, patches, SQL admin etc. Basically I want it like where you create your blog and that’s it. You blog and don’t have to worry about the admin […]

Hosting WordPress on Google Apps Engine (GAE)

At Google’s 2013 IO conference, one of their many announcements was the ability to host PHP sites and apps on their Google Apps Engine. They even created a tutorial explaining how to set up a WordPress site on GAE: I am curious about the supposed performance benefits of running a WP site on GAE. […]

Best-of-Breed Features of a High-End WordPress Web Host?

I’m posting this as a community wiki because I’d like to get a collaboratively edited list of features for a high-end WordPress webhost. For example, if you are running a high-traffic WordPress-based site and/or a WordPress site that needs really hardened security what features would you love to see offered so that you don’t have […]