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Custom permalink structure with %postname% in front of domain name

We are running a software review website, and we have a very large amount of reviews currently done, and we would like to restructure if its at all possible. I would like to know if there’s a chance of getting some sort of a redirect, or custom permalink structure to point as following: The current […]

WordPress Page Not Found if Permalink Settings is Postname

Uploaded code on staging server. in localhost everything is working well but on staging I can login to admin pabel but can not see any page on frontend. When any page is accessed it says The requested URL /projectname/testpage was not found on this server.. PHP version on localhost is 5.4.3 while on staging is […]

removing index.php IIS 7.5 webconfig

I would like to remove index.php from my permalink. I am using Codeigniter website. I have passed the requirements to use pretty permalink: -PHP Version 5.4.27 Codeigniter -IIS 7.5 -URL Rewrite 2.0 -Server API: FAST CGI Before, I have removed index.php from codeigniter. I wonder if wordpress webconfig file has conflicted with codeigniter. Some help […]

Configuring Home Page Address

I though this was a simple issue. When i type in the browser: it changes to: This delivers the proper contents from the Home page, but i wish to stay showing the address. I’ve configured %postnames% as Permalink, and setting the Static Front Page as the page Home through the Customizer. Also, […]

Do rewrites added with add_rewrite_rule() persist after plugin deletion?

I am developing a WordPress plugin and need to ad a rewrite url using add_rewrite_rule(). That does work. But what happens when my plugin is deleted? Does WordPress cleanup the htaccess or do I need to do that? How can I remove a url which was added using add_rewrite_rule()?

How Can I Use a Custom AccessFileName?

I have a need to have a custom AccessFileName setting in my virtual hosts, however it appears that save_mod_rewrite_rules function assumes that .htaccess is the name for everyone. How can I override that function safely?

Redirect Image Url to a page via htaccess

I am trying to redirect Image Urls to a page. I have used 301 Redirection plugin, but that doesn’t seem to work. For ex : should redirect to I have used ‘Link to’ to ‘Media File’ in individual image settings since I am using Social gallery plugin and it needs images to be […]

Rewrite URL in address bar for a specific page

My client has purchased a new “vanity” domain name that they want to use to forward peoplle to a specific page I’ve set up on their wordpress site. I’ve set up web forwarding on the new domain so it’s going to the right page. e.g. now goes to HOWEVER, the client wants the […]

.htaccess password protect all but one page

Hi I would like to password protect my entire WordPress site using .htaccess. All pages except one page which would be viewable to the public. I know there are other methods out there built into wordpress but I would like to have all pages except the one protected using the .htaccess method. How do I […]

Permalinks – .htaccess

According to the official WordPress docs, when you save your Permalinks it updates your .htaccess file ( However, when I make Permalink changes and save them I don’t see any .htaccess updates. Can someone clarify if the WordPress docs are inaccurate or if there’s something I’m missing.