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A function that will remove HTML <div> and </div> tags from a string?

I need a function that I can use that will remove <div> and </div> tags from a string. I have tried esc_attr(), and even wp_strip_all_tags() — none of them work. They all leave the <div> and </div> tags in the string – which causes certain social-media buttons to turn out in ways that really do […]

Removing Unused WP SEO Codes display on html page

This question already has an answer here: Disable emojicons introduced with WP 4.2 7 answers

multiple html/css files for wordpress theme?

Ok so I am teaching myself how to code wordpress themes from scratch. I am using as an editor. I had a question. I have been looking at different tutorials at the template files they use, and most consist of only one style.css file, and then the php files. My question is this: When […]

How to make shortcode which returns HTML?

I need to make a shortcode button to TinyMCE editor which, in the moment i click it fills up the content part with HTML. When i click on button i need something like: <div> … </div> And not: [div] … [/div] I made my shortcodes work but i need this too. Any help?

click event to unhide something after ajax not firing

I am working in wordpress and my ajax function result showed one button whose html is mentioned below. Now I want to run a click event on that button but when I click it nothing happens. Below is the html and jquery code of the button I am using and kindly note that this button […]

How do you render posts from outside wordpress?

I’m trying to display posts outside of the wordpress system (another system is pulling from the mysql database). However, the posts stored in the database seem to be void of <p> tags and different from what was entered in text mode (or visual mode). For example, entering this in the editor <h3>Subheadline</h3> <p>Sentence here with […]

Why exactly does WordPress use p tags, not divs?

Something I find somewhat odd is that by default, WordPress always seems to make paragraphs, not divs when you press enter. At first this may seem like the common way to make paragraphs, but it’s actually not that common: Gmail uses brs, not paragraphs in its editor. The Outlook mail online uses divs (or br […]

how to stop the shaking effect on my homepage

This is my Password: ireland Please check the attachment for better understanding. This part of my website on my homepage, is giving a shaking effect when I hover over it. Please help me ASAP. Thanks.

Remove &nbsp; in post content

I have been trying to figure out since yesterday on how I can remove the code &nbsp; on my post. In the WYSIWYG editor it shows spaces, but once after I publish my post, it shows words sticking together and also replacing the space with &nbsp. I have screenshot of my problem. Here is a […]

How can I use custom menus with a Bootstrap WordPress theme?

I have this ‘primary’ menu with a few items in the CMS, which I can list nicely with this PHP code: $args = array( ‘theme_location’ => ‘primary’ ); wp_nav_menu( $args ); The PHP outputs the menu with the <ul> tag. but, I want to use HTML that looks like this: <ul class=”nav navbar-nav”> <!– primary […]