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Include chat (HTML, js, css) in all pages of WordPress

I need to add a chat widget in HTML, css and js, on all WP website. I tried the following in local (functions.php) and it worked fine but just on homepage. Same code online and nothing shows up. Any advice? Thank you in advance 🙂 <?php function add_chat ( ) { ?> <script type=”text/javascript”> SERVICE_PATTERN_CHAT_CONFIG […]

WordPress' visual editor messing up my (nested) lists (and other things as well)

I always have trouble trying to create some nested lists in WordPress using the default editor in visual mode, since I want to avoid the HTML extra work. Even though I write the HTML myself in the HTML editor mode, the page sometimes will not listen to my HTML and change things as it wants. […]

Switching From HTML to Visual Editor and Back Completely Strips Page Contents

I have a page (not a blog post) I need to embed an iframe on (it’s to “integrate” an external service’s product catalog). I added the iframe code in the raw HTML editor and saved the page. I viewed the page, everything worked. I went back to the editor and switched from raw HTML to […]

WordPress “Page not found error” when I edit a page

On a WordPress based website, when I add text using wordpress visual editor or HTML source to a particular page – it gives “page not found error”. I tried by adding some other text and its working fine. Then I typed all the text again and in between kept checking if it is giving any […]

Adding HTML to the Header, Screws up in IE7

Working on a site for a client: I added an HTML table to header.php to include the “Call us at…” and the social media icons. It renders fine in most browsers but IE7 screws up that table. I ran it through the W3C validator and that part of the code is fine. You can […]

How to prevent pages from automatically adding line breaks?

I’m trying to style a form on a website, but I’m hitting a snag. WordPress is automatically generating <br> tags when I directly edit the HTML for pages. What I’ve got is this: <fieldset> <legend>* Your name:</legend> <ul class=”singleLine”> <li> <span> <input id=”FName” type=”text” name=”FName” size=”20″ maxlength=”20″ /> <label for=”FName”>First</label> </span> <span> <input id=”LName” type=”text” […]

Add code just after Post content

I am in a bit of dilemma here so bare with me. I want to add something like this code just after the content in a post: <p>Please let me know what you think by <a href=”#comment”>leaving a comment</a>!</p> To do this, I edited single.php and added it after the content. However, the problem is […]

New to CMS – WP functionality. overkill or just right?

I am a designer / developer. My experience is in HTML/CSS/JS, some knowledge in PHP, MySQL, and WordPress one-click-install and pre-made template. I want to program an entire website layout myself, and I have two places/needs for content management. (custom WP template?) A media gallery in HTML/CSS/JS that can populate with images from a CMS […]

radio button is checked but display not check

im trying to save different value of radio buttons on same name, it works and was able to make checked appear if the correct value is saved. As you can see on the screenshot ABOVE (which is taken on view-source:), it the correct selected input is CHECKED already however even if it’s check you can […]

What exactly does “Posts page” do in WordPress?

Hay, I’m making a WordPress template, and i have 4 main pages. HOME BLOG CONTACT ABOUT US As you can see “Blog” is a page (i need it to display when i call wp_list_pages()), but how do i edit this blog page? I assigned the “Blog” page a custom temeplate (called blog.php), but when “Blog” […]