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add_meta_box Callback not being called

I created my first plugin last week that makes a custom post type. As this worked, I copy pasted the code I already had and modified it to be a different post type. For whatever reason however, the callback I have set for add_meta_box is not being called. Can anyone tell me why this is, […]

How to show the contants in front end same as visual editor with space / linebreak?

My visual editor looks like this: My text editor looks like this: But my front end looks like this: I know that the wordpress automatically removes linebreaks. So I installed tineMCE advace editor and checked “stop removing <p> and <br> tags” on the plugin setting. After that line breaks were there. I saw the space. […]

Visual composer causing conflict with TinyMCE

My Tinymce is not showing up by default. All out of the sudden, without any new plugin installation or what so ever, VC plugin started to force my text editor (when creating a new entry) to switch from TinyMCE to HTML. I have tested: * Switch themes with Visual Composer plugin activated – the problem […]

Why exactly does WordPress use p tags, not divs?

Something I find somewhat odd is that by default, WordPress always seems to make paragraphs, not divs when you press enter. At first this may seem like the common way to make paragraphs, but it’s actually not that common: Gmail uses brs, not paragraphs in its editor. The Outlook mail online uses divs (or br […]

Selectively remove empty line after line change

In WP post editor, how can I change lines without adding an empty line? I try to post this One line Second line third line But it always shows like this One line Second line Third line PS: I don’t want to completely remove wpautop, because it will probably ruin all my previous posts.

How to replace the content of tinyMCE editor in both text and visual mode using jQuery?

I have added a button beside the Add Media button in WordPress’ post editor. Its called Insert Content button. When this button is pressed, it should send a content, either plain text or HTML, into the editor, replacing any text in it. The code should work in both text and visual mode. How can I […]

HTML tables in content areas

Is there a plugin that would allow me to create and edit tables within the content block in posts and pages? I suppose a bit like the ‘insert table’ command in MS Word.

Can't give tags rels

In my WordPress post I click on edit post and skip over to the html editor tab and click on it. I have a pre on that page and when i give it a rel and publish its all fine but when I skip back over to visual editor it just takes out the rel […]

How can I create an alternate full-HTML editor for posts?

I have created a custom post type; the content of this custom post type should be a full html page – not just a snippet of html. The standard editor appears to interfere with the html and it does not appear to be ready to handle a full html page source as its content. Ideally, […]

WordPress <!–more–> adding a <br> to my anchor for Read More

When creating a post within my wordpress site (using the editor) I want to add the short code, or even use the link at the top of the editor to do so. The end result is (it does create the excerpt and add the “Read more” link) but that link is broken and the editor […]