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WordPress 4 invalid username special charachters issue

I have some danish users that uses special chars like æøå and they can’t log in to my wordpress blog. I tried on a fresh install on 4.2.2 and on 4.1.5 and it did not work, for example Andrew Schønnemann with a simple password and it did not work, got message ERROR: Invalid username. Lost […]

Why does the usermeta table contain html entities?

As a plugin developer, I have been storing special characters like ampersand as is in MySQL tables, then converting them to html entities after retrieving them for display. Now I discover that (for example) wp_insert_user() converts them to entities before storing them in the database. Have I been doing this the wrong way round? Should […]

Customize Plugin

I am trying to create custom welcome panel in dashboard for WP and can’t see where I went wrong. It’s not allowing me to add html.

How can I stop wp_update_post messing up HTML example code?

I’m showing little pieces of example HTML/PHP code on the frontend (with syntax highlighting). The entries are displayed as FAQ custom posts, and have a plugin (CMS Tree page) to alter the menu order, at which these are displayed. Whenever I change the order, it calls a wp_update_post, updating ID, menu_order, post_parent, post_type. For debug, […]

How do we remove mystical from text? Image included

WordPress has placed an uncalled for character on one of our page’s text. We have a few hundred pages, and this only occurs on one. In the paragraph’s text, between the words ‘Music’ and ‘Students’, WordPress has placed a [X] character. It is not in the visual or text views, and only appears on the […]

How do I stop HTML entities in a custom meta box from being un-htmlentitied?

I have a custom meta box that is supposed to accept HTML, but the text I’m trying to input contains both double and single quotes (and ampersands), and it’s messing up the saved data – each time I reload the post, the data is duplicated with an extra single quote (and angle bracket) inserted at […]

Special characters in WordPress UTF-8

I have a problem regarding special characters that are appearing messed up on the front-end . mainly the get converted to question marks, or something like �?) Example – Frédèric becomes Fr�d�ric. some facts that made me puzzled: This WP install is on LOCAL machine, and shares the server with at least 40 other installs […]