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Is HyperDB supposed to be able to handle read-only (only) database instances?

I’m trying to make my WordPress database a bit more resilient, with MySQL master/slave replication. To go along with that, I’ve installed HyperDB, with the master as a read/write database, and the slave as read-only. As long as both master and slave database servers are running, everything is alright. The Web server sends queries to […]

how to install wordpress HyperDB

Can anyone help me installing WordPress multi-site. I want to Partition my database. Suppose I want to use 1 database for 300 blogs and I am expecting to have 10000 blogs. So I will need 33/34 database. (I am not sure about the calculation would be helpful if anyone can help me about the how […]

How to use HyperDB plugin in a existing wpmu

I am using wordpress multisite v3.5.1 in a single db called maindb. And i have also 5 blog. They are bazar(main blog), demo1, demo2, demo3 and demo4. In future i want add more blog but i want to create a database for each blog and want to use them(but also in a single network). as […]

Automatic switch to backup database on fail

We have a setup where the WordPress’s MySQL database is replicated to a secondary MySQL server in case the primary fails. Are there any plugins or methods which would automatically switch to the secondary database server if the first one is unreachable ? PS. Tried Hyper-DB but we don’t exactly trust it since development on […]

Is it possible to split database tables using HyperDB?

I’m looking for an answer from someone who’s implemented HyperDB or has knowledge of it. I have a database which has just passed the 100mb mark a week or so ago, the problem is my host only allows databases of 100mb a time. I was looking to implement HyperDB but wanted to find out some […]

Doing a loop with multiple DBs simultaneoulsy

I have a website setup made up of with more than 3-4 WordPress setups as subdirectories of main. For example: Site | ———- Site/Site1 | ———- Site/Site2 | ———- Site/Site3 Each have separate codebase, separate DB for itself. The Database server is one and the host directory is also one. Basically we can say these […]

How to use hyperdb to separate and share a user dataset between wordpress installs?

I’m looking for a way to separate my users and usermeta table to be in a different database than my main WP install. The end goal is sharing these table over a number of WP installs. From what I read, HyperDB should allow for this, however their documentation is a little sparse when it comes […]

Built to scale, or worry later?

I’m starting a service that offers websites that runs on a giant WordPress multi-site. I have a cloud based vps with nginx-php5-php-fpm-mysql. Storage with Amazon S3, distribution with MaxCDN. WP Total cache takes care of this for WP. I do expect to be busy from the start as far as the number of sites created. […]

MySQL Replication Latency Issues in wp-admin pages

I have an environment running WP 3.0.1 with a Master db and two slaves. I am using HyperDB to force all writes to go to the Master, and all reads to read from the two slaves. I am experiencing a variety of issues in wp-admin pages where data is being written to the master, and […]