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Compact pingback list with favicons

On a blog with pingbacks and trackbacks (pings) enabled I want to show just a link with link text and a favicon of the external site in a compact list: no date, no text. How can I do that?

Remove apple-touch-icon link generated by WordPress

I am adding Favicons and Icons to my site manually in a more proper way than what WordPress adds by default. My WordPress is generating the below 4 lines of code automatically. <link rel=”icon” href=”×32.png” sizes=”32×32″> <link rel=”icon” href=”×192.png” sizes=”192×192″> <link rel=”apple-touch-icon-precomposed” href=”×180.png”> <meta name=”msapplication-TileImage” content=”×270.png”> I tried a lot but could not figure out […]

How to show Home Page link in WordPress Menu and how to add an icon to this?

I tried with this code: function home_page_menu_args( $args ) { $args[‘show_home’] = true; return $args; } add_filter( ‘wp_page_menu_args’, ‘home_page_menu_args’ ); but gives me this error: Error 404 – Not Found I would like that when I click on “Home Page” menu appears the recent posts. And I would like to place an icon instead of […]

How to get Menu Navigation Labels to output HTML

I’m trying to follow Jason Bradley’s advice on how to style my WordPress menus. Specifically, I want to insert an icon before my navigation items using Font-Awesome. I tried putting this code in the Navigation Label field for my “Home” link: <i class=”icon-fixed-width icon-home”></i> Home However, when I view the page in my browser, it […]

How can I use a different default admin menu icon for custom post type?

For a particular custom post type I’m setting, I simply want to change the default icon to the wordpress pages icon (menu-icon-page). I know I could upload my own pages icon and point to it, but can I just tell wordpress to use the default pages icon? Here’s what I’m using register_post_type( ‘intranet-pages’, // creates […]

Plugin that inserts favicon next to links

I, like many others, have numerous links all over my website. Some are in the body, some are in the sidebars, some are in comments. When links go to an external site, I would very much like to have that website’s favicon appear to the left of the link. I have seen this in many […]

Add 32×32 icon to custom post type index page

I’ve setup an “album” custom post type and want to add an icon on the index page where the RED circle is (see image below; from Here’s my function to replace the icon. The CSS is what I found when I inspected the icon element with firebug: add_action(‘admin_head’, ‘album_foo’); function album_foo() { global $post_type; […]

Programmatically Add Font-Awesome Icons to Category Widget

I use the Categories widget on my sidebar(s) and I would like to display a Font Awesome icon next to each category listed in the widget. The icon would be the same for all categories, for now, but I would like to give each category it’s own unique icon in the future. I would like […]

WordPress native “playlist” shortcode. Next and Prev there are but with no icons. How to fix?

If I use on my WordPress 4.0 the beautiful playlist shortcode I don’t see the famous “Next” and “Prev” icons, but only this code in my Html code: <div class=”wp-playlist-next”></div> and <div class=”wp-playlist-prev”></div> How to display icons to next and prev commands?

How to use a WordPress' existing admin icon?

I use the add_menu_page function to add an new admin menu: add_menu_page( ‘Custom_menu’, ‘Custom_menu’, ‘edit_posts’, ‘custom_slug’, ”, ‘wordpress_existing_icon’, 5 ); How to use one of WordPress’ existing icons? For instance, if I would like to use the “Posts” WordPress icon, by what must I replace ‘wordpress_existing_icon’ in the code above ? I tried ‘edit’ and […]