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Can wp_get_image_editor convert to icon?

I have a very simple question regarding wp_get_image_editor ( I can crop, resize and save an image like this: $image = wp_get_image_editor( ‘example_1.jpg’ ); $image->resize( 32, 32, true ); $image->save( $path . ‘/test.png’ ); // Works with jpg/gif/png It works perfectly. I can convert a JPG file to GIF or PNG (and vice versa), but […]

Jetpack social icons in other places on site

I believe Jetpack is using “Font Awesome” to display social icons. This is the css content: “\f203″; to display facebook for example. If I look in the site source I can’t find anywhere the “Font Awesome” being downloaded. How does this works? The thing is that I just want to use those icons in my […]

How do I set up the defualt page icon for admin menu?

What do i Change this to So its shows the default page icon?’, plugins_url( ‘myplugin/images/icon.png’ ) add_menu_page( ‘Info’, ‘Info’, ‘manage_options’, ‘LINK’, ”, plugins_url( ‘myplugin/images/icon.png’ ), 10 ); I find out how to do this. Step 1. Screenshot or find the image you like. Step 2. Name it icon.png step 3. Create a folder myplugin inside […]

Theming Using Bootstrap Glyphicons and WordPress Dashicons

I use a mixture of both Bootstrap Glyphicons and WordPress Dashicons in my WordPress themes. However, something which really bugs me is how the WordPress Dashicons don’t seem to scale appropriately with different HTML elements (more specifically, variances of font sizes). If you have a Heading 1 for example… Bootstrap Glyphicons Programmatically looks like: <h1><span […]

Get custom classes in WordPress Navigation Menu

i’m a beginner to WordPress. I have a question is how to get only classes we put in CSS classes box in Navigation Menu? Not all with the default WordPress classes. The purpose of this is i want to make a FontAwesome icon before each list in Navigation Menu.

Icon font not working on subdomains of multisite

I have a multi site installation consisting of the main domain and various subdomans. The domain and subdomain all use the one theme however the icon font of the theme doesn’t display/load an any of the subdomains. Why are subdomains of my multi-site network failing?

Display an icon with get_post_meta?

I want to display an icon in the post meta data in the loop.php, for each post have a specific meta_value! To be more specific i use this code to display an icon when a new posts has been published and this lasts for 24 hours: <?php if( date(‘U’) – get_the_time(‘U’, $post->ID) < 24*60*60 ) […]

Xili language plugin not showing language flag

I just updated my wordpress version to 3.4.2 and I installed xili-language plugin v. 2.8.1 Everything works quite nice except one detail – I have 2 languages pl & english. I uploaded icon for polish flag to ../twentyten-xili/images/flags where I have other flags, but wordpress won’t show it in navigation menu. Meantime it is showing […]

Dashicons and Pseudo :before

I am generating a custom post type that uses the dashicons and allows users to select one to associate with the post. The idea being the user can select an icon from a drop down list and it is displayed to the right. I have run into an issue though as javascript can’t change the […]

How to Add Custom New Published Post Counter Icon on Top of the WordPress Site

I have a technology blog based on wordpress. I would like it to show a icon on top of the menu bar to show new post counter for today. Just like Android Authority website (check here Am a newbie here and i dont know a lot about CSS and Function.php the only thing i […]