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PHPStorm variable warnings

I code in PHPStorm and include wp-admin and wp-include in my path, but get code inspection warnings related to undefined / unused variables. Should I be concerned about these? How would I go about satisfying a resolution to resolve the error (without just turning inspection off)

How do I Import an Exisiting WP Project into Aptana 3?

How do I import an existing WordPress project into Aptana 3.04.2? I installed the WordPress bundle in Aptana. I’m on a Mac running MAMP. My operating system is Leopard. My project is located at Sites->mysite. I clicked “Import Project” Clicked “General” Selected “Existing Projects into Workspace” Clicked “Next” Select root directory– browsed to mysite (But, […]

Switching from editing on directly on remote server to PHPstorm local development?

I was recently told that my workflow would be improved if I switched from using emacs to edit the files on a staging server directly to using PHPstorm to make changes to my website. I am fairly lost on what I should do to set PHPstorm up properly as well as correctly cloning my website. […]

Documentation for IDE's

I’m using IntelliJ but this question could apply to PhpStorm, Visual Studio, etc… Is there a good way to make the IDE aware of the Javascript functions that WordPress provides? Are there any Javascript stubs available like these Google Maps stubs? I’d like to have auto-completion available, parameter info, etc…

Aptana: WordPress Code Hinting

Does anyone use Aptana for WordPress plugin development? Is there a way to set-up WP code hinting with Aptana? Thank you.

How to get vim to autocomplete WordPress API functions?

I guess built-in omnicomplete is a start, but perhaps we’re talking some neocomplcache plugin module or something themsuch? Googling “vim wordpress autocomplete” doesn’t really give much.

Any guides on using WP SVN with IDE clients?

The documentation for dealing with official WP repository is exclusively about using command line. While I have no bias against that, I do have little experience with VCS and two (or three) different ones I will have to figure out and use in nearest future. So for now I wing it with VCS integration features […]