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Working with Reverse Proxies and Multisite Installation

We have a wordpress multi site, the main site has a URL similar to Each of the sub sites have a URL such as, etc Each of the sub sites we would like to potentially hide behind a separate reverse proxy eg shows, shows etc Doing the reverse […]

removing index.php IIS 7.5 webconfig

I would like to remove index.php from my permalink. I am using Codeigniter website. I have passed the requirements to use pretty permalink: -PHP Version 5.4.27 Codeigniter -IIS 7.5 -URL Rewrite 2.0 -Server API: FAST CGI Before, I have removed index.php from codeigniter. I wonder if wordpress webconfig file has conflicted with codeigniter. Some help […]

Newbie: Multiple WP sites on Windwos 2012 IIS

Newbie Question: I have a Windows 2012 server with an existing ASP.NET / HTTPS site on it running a small SQL Server as well. My customer wants to add a dozen or so WordPress sites, one for each of its States. They must be independent with separate logins, separate sites etc, but the backend data […]

strange behaviour with “rin” in brand new installation of 4.6.1

I am used to install WordPress by myself manually so I can control everything. I basically grab the latest: PHP (5.6 NTS x64) MySQL Community Server WordPress (4.6.1) Done it hundreads of times before, but this time around I am getting very awkward behaviour, e.g. I see the word “rin” rendered on every page the […]

All links in my site start with localhost?

This is my website The home page shows, but all links start with localhost/wordpress, rather than the current address, which is The server is windows and runs IIS 7. WordPress is in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wordpress. WordPress is installed by Web Platform Installer. I’m new to IIS. How should I fix the link problem? I hope […]

URL Change – Check if Post Exists Before 404

We had a custom CMS with URLs such as /adele, /slayer, /beastie-boys but now they have the structure /artist/adele, /artist/slayer, /artist/beastie-boys (a custom post type) Obviously when people visit the original links, they get a 404. Is there a way/what’s the best way to check whether whether the post exists in the new format first […]

WordPress Bug on IIS ? Problem when uploading image on IIS 7

When I upload image, I can preview it, but once it’s uploaded, It’s broken in post, I’m obliged to go to the directory and go to security to add NETWORK SERVICES the right to access the picture. How to fix this ? Is this a bug ?

Trying to avoid including wp-load.php

I am working a plugin where I am trying to connect an HR system with WordPress. There is an XML API on the HR system so I have written the plugin to take the data and put it into a WordPress database table specific to my plugin. This is all done via the built in […]

Media not actually deleted on disk when click “Permanent Delete”

I have uploaded a new docx and pdf through the media library and the procedure is completed successfully. I can confirm that the direct link actually works. The problem is being identified when I try to DELETE PERMANENTLY the files. By clicking on “Delete Permanently”, the file record is deleted from the media library, nevertheless […]

Permalink opens attachment instead of page

I recently moved a blog from one host to another and now have a problem with a permalink – rather than opening up a page, it now opens an attachment. The blog is using WP 3.0.4, running on PHP 5 and IIS 7.0. The permalinks are set to use “/%postname%/” and the web.config is as […]