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WordPress 404 page returning with default in IIS7

I’ve installed a number of WordPress sites across many different platforms and I’m finding that when installed on IIS7 I’m getting the nasty default IIS7 404 error. I nuked Window’s hold on the 404 and now I’m receiving the standard. The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is […]

Multi-site vs seperate installs for just 3 blogs?

I’m new to WordPress and in a few months will be attempting to set up three blogs. They most likely will be hosted on a Windows Server with IIS. (because the server is already there, and nobody else would know how to maintain Apache) The blogs will be unrelated and not share any common users. […]

Divert http to https with WordPress on IIS

I have a WordPress site running on IIS. The site has an associated SSL Certificate. Right now I am able to access the site with http and https. How can I get my http to redirect to https? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

wordpress upgrade has broken my permalinks

I have just upgraded my wordpress installation from 3.1 to 3.1.1 and my custom structure permalinks are now broken, The permalinks were set to follow this procedure, /%category%/%postname% however now they are just falling back to ?page_id=30 How can I fix this what has changed in 3.1.1 I wonder if it is a problem with […]

Multisite setup on IIS with subdomains

I have WordPress 3.4.2 set up on a Windows 2008 R2 server with IIS 7.5. I enabled multisite using subdomains and set up one additional site, call it I can browse to the main site at just fine, but whenever I browse to it tries to go to the default web site […]

Hiding WordPress behind IIS redirects

We have a main .NET application that I do not have much ability to change, but we would like to move some of the links that are on it to WordPress so that marketing can update them on a regular basis without involving a developer. For security reasons, I can’t install WordPress on the servers […]

WordPress, IIS7, SQL Server 2008, not showing posts (displays 'Nothing Found…') and only shows counts in admin – how to fix?

I recently installed WordPress on IIS 7 and wired it up to SQL Server 2008R2. The installation went fine. Right off the bat, I can see on post is present (just in the count) but none are listed; I added a few posts. In the admin menu, under posts, I see that there are six […]

WordPress in IIS 7.5 – “cannot create directory”

This is a common problem (so I’ve found out) but I cannot get WP to play nice with IIS 7.5 / PHP 5.6. Updating (WP + plugins) and installing (plugins) always return the error “Cannot create directory”. I am not using (nor can I use) FTP. The folders, include the temp folder all have full […]

Why are images not displaying?

Server: IIS 6 WordPress version 3.1.1 Multisite using SubFolders I’m able to upload images to the server, but thumbnails and full size images do not display. If I try to edit the image, the preview displays. The file exists in blogs.dir. I’m using ISAPI Rewrite to create a httpd.conf file, which contains the block of […]

Installing wp3.2.1 on IIS; getting empty sessions

i have to install wordpress 3.2.1 on IIS 5.0 (yeah, i know…) here. Brand new default wordpress installation, no plugins ore previous versions installed. So, i downloaded the and the, unzipped everything and set up the database, but i get the same issue every time: everything works, except when i try to login […]