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How to get current image's slug in WP_image_editor?

I’ve been writing some class and functions to modify the path of thumbnails. I extended the original WP_Image_Editor class to achieve custom structure. What i want: to store the thumbnails in different folders based on their slugs, in the upload directory. such as : What i have already done: class WP_Image_Editor_Custom extends WP_Image_Editor_GD { […]

WordPress Uploader Editor shows broken image

I have the latest wordpress version installed. When I upload an image in the control panel for a post, I then go to edit it (crop an image for the thumbnail the way I want or rotate or do any kind of editing) and instead it shows a broken image. The actual images are uploaded, […]

How to link to the image editor's Edit Image function?

How do I link to the image editor‘s Edit Image function from the front end? I know that I can open the lightbox with a simple link, such as <a href=”wp-admin/media-upload.php?post_id=719&amp;type=image” id=”content-add_image” class=”thickbox add_image” title=”Add an Image”>Upload photos</a> However unlike opening the image edit lightbox, Edit Image is an input… example: <input type=”button” id=”imgedit-open-btn-766″ onclick=” […]

WordPress Image Editor doesn't update thumbs specified with `add_image_size()`

The title somewhat explains the issue. I have a template using bones. I am not sure if this matters or not. Bones – An HTML5, Mobile-First starter theme for rapid WordPress development. In the functions.php file we add some additional thumbnail size options: add_image_size( ‘bones-thumb-400’, 400, 300, true ); add_image_size( ‘bones-thumb-300’, 300, 230, true ); […]

Why doesn't WP_Image_Editor save images using the Filesystem API?

I was in the process checking some of my existing plugins for any unsafe filesystem accesses, when I ran across WP_Image_Editor’s save function, which calls _save, which finally calls make_image (below). WP_Image_Editor was released in WP 3.5, while the Filesystem API has been around since WP 2.6, so I would presume that the reasoning is […]