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Changing Image Size Settings does not show in Image Details

I would like to change the image sizes for “medium” and “large”. I did change the sizes in Settings > Media This however does not seem to have any effect on the settings I see when I edit or insert an image: I did empty cache and reset the browser. I also changed the theme’s […]

WordPress lowers image quality

I am uploading to my site large images with media uplader and I want them to have 100% quality but wordpress reduces the quality. What should I do or what plugin to install to prevent this?

Force square image crop during upload?

I’m developing my own theme where I have fixed the left sidebar with my photo. Is it possible to force users to crop their image to a square during upload? If yes, how? What functions I will need?

Why do the images only display in original size, not my custom size?

I have few images on my theme library. These images have various sizes (640×480, 275×183 and 1920×1200). These images are part of the Theme Unit Test data that you can use to test your theme. Now, I am building a slider using slick.js and I use Advanced Custom Fields gallery to get the images for […]

Function to insert missing image size attributes into img tags

I want to add a custom function to scan my website and automatically insert image size attributes that are missing on my pages. For example, if there is an image on one of my pages that looks like the following: <img src=”” alt=”Image Title”> If img.jpg actual size is 150×50 px, the function would pick […]

One of my image sizes isn't showing up in srcset

So for I’ve added some custom image sizes like this: add_action(‘after_setup_theme’, ‘image_sizes_setup’); function image_sizes_setup(){ add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); add_image_size(‘thumb-small-2x’, 196, 9999); add_image_size(‘thumb-medium-2x’, 276, 9999); add_image_size(‘portrait-thumb-large-2x’, 328, 9999); add_image_size(‘landscape-thumb-large-2x’, 9999, 328); add_image_size(‘small-2x’, 900, 600); add_image_size(‘medium-2x’, 1200, 800); add_image_size(‘large’, 1920, 1280); add_image_size(‘large-large-2x’, 2160, 1440); add_image_size(‘extra-large-2x’, 2400, 1600); } Then I wrote this code so I can select them […]

JointWP – Can't add custom images sizes

I am trying to add a custom image size in the functions.php file. add_image_size( ‘Portrait’, 1200, 1800, false ); add_image_size( ‘Featured’, 2560, 1600, true ); This is the newest version with foundation 6. Am I putting it in the wrong file? Thanks for any help.

New image size option not showing

I want to add a new image size option to the contents image editor. The code below is what I currently have but for some reason I am not seeing the option (as shown in the image below) in the editor. I am using WordPress Version 4.6.1. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance. […]

Using Image Sizes for Custom Post Types outside the Loop

I want to use an image size on a Custom Post Type (which has featured image enabled). in functions.php I added: add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); add_image_size( ‘my-non-working-size’, 600, 300, true ); The custom post type is called ‘homeslide’ as I use it to build a a carousel slider on home. To get all my slides I […]

IMG size is set to width=“964px” or “100%”, but is shown as “634px” in browser

I have set up a theme with a width of 964 px, so that images in the post should be shown as 964 px, when set to 100% (or 964 px). I mean the complete width of the page/wrapper. Unfortunately, this does not work, but I can not find the culprit. Link: Code, I […]