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Image upload error?

I have searched everywhere for an solution and even though I have found others with similar issues it seems they are not the same. I have a fresh WordPress install and have it setup for multisite. When I upload images within the Media Library or even within a post edit screen (setting featured image) that […]

How to fix WordPress images not showing up in local hosted XAMPP server?

I have recently been trying to establish a working method of developing WordPress sites locally by making use of an XAMPP server. The issue is that any images that I attempt to use refuse to show up when I load the page in a browser. I’m using the <?php echo get_template_directory(); ?>/library/images/name_of_the_svg_image file path, and […]

Development environment and “production” environment domains

I’m developing on a Mac, and have a domain something like: http://localhost/~user/foobar My (temp) live environment is on my domain, and the domain ends up as:, or http://localhost/foobar This is only temporary because my client will eventually purchase a domain which will end up being and I’ll have to migrate everything there. I […]

Show Image Size as Dragging it Larger or Smaller

I’ve searched everywhere for this, but no luck! I think I must be hallucinating. I thought previous versions of WordPress displayed the size of the images in the visual editor as you dragged them to be smaller or larger. As in, you would pull the corner of the image inward or outward, and the “live” […]

Logo on the tab

I would like to add a logo on the tab of my website (e.g. WordPress logo which appears on all pages’ tabs of WordPress) How and where can I upload my image? Thank you for your help,

Disable image rename on upload

When I upload an image (test.jpg) with the Media manager it creates the same image with a digit after its name (test1.jpg). I disabled image cropping so files like test-[width]x[height].jpg don’t appear on upload. But I still have duplicates of the images. So how could I disable this copying and renaming?

Inserting image into post with different image size

I have a custom WordPress theme that I have made myself. When I insert an image into a post I only get the option to add the full size image (see below screenshot): In Settings > Media I have a number of different sizes defined. How come these options done appear when I’m inserting an […]

WooCommerce-like featured gallery

I want to create a gallery similar to what WooCommerce does using multiple “featured image”(s). I have searched and searched, but i cant seem to find any solution to this (not even a thread covering it). I know how to use featured images in a post-type, but it can only have 1 value. Can it […]

Custom theme – how to link the image without posting it

im creating a custom theme for wordpress 4.1.1. i had encounter a problem with adding a media (an image) to a post. When I choose an image via the media library, i select it but i only have the choice to insert it into the post. I know that it’s possible to retrieve the image […]

Screenshots on plugin page taken old

In readme before latest release they where named as: BlaBlaBla BlaBlaBla Files also named in same pattern: screenshot-01.png, screenshot-02.png After latest release only screenshot-10.png updated — other not! And most interesting: on plugin page url of the image is (old image). But if you try manually — it will show new image. I […]