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Can we use featured image as third party website image URL

In my case we are getting some post list from third party and import in our custom post type. My question is, Is we can use post featured image as third party website image URL instead of upload featured image.

How Do I Link My Whole Featured Article Image?

I’m using the Front Slider plugin to display featured articles on my site. I’ve done some editing to the plugin to make it look the way I want. Somewhere along the way, I must have missed changing a value, because the top half to the image for the article being displayed links to the article […]

In creating a theme, how can i allow a user to change an image outside post/page content?

I’m creating a theme for a particular WordPress site. There’s one spot in the sidebar that displays a photo. The user might want to change the photo once a week. He doesn’t want to use FTP to upload the new photo, or edit any theme files. How can I set up the theme so he […]

Understanding WordPress image sizes and responsive images

I just can’t understand how add_image_size() and responsive images work. So let’s say I have a thumbnail like 720×360. So I’m assuming I need to add the size add_image_size(‘post-thumbnail’, 720, 320, true) //hard crop I upload image with the dimensions of 3000×2000 to accommodate for retina screens, etc. Now I’m adding it to the page […]

How to limit image size for the entire website ? But without editing the post (css/plugin?!)

I have a post here: מבחר עוגות שמרים לחורף חמים ומתוק Where the image is overlapping the sidebar. I wish to shrink the image, but I want something that will do this without me editing the post (why? because the author is not me – and I want an automated system) Is there a plugin […]

How to display post title inside thumbnail?

I am trying to display the posts with their featured image. On the top of the featured image I would like to put the title of the post in the following way: So far I am doing the following: <article> <?php // Display blog posts on any page @ $temp = $wp_query; $wp_query= null; […]

How to Add Shortcode to html img code? <img src= >

Hi I am trying to add a url to an image tag with a wordpress shortcode that I already have… How can I get it to work?

Uploading images in custom post form

I have custom form for posting in my theme file. I also need to upload photos(videos also but photos are more important now) and I prepared form using wp handle upload function. It’s working, images are uploading but they’re not inserting into the post. Please help me. Here is a code full and here […]

Get image path : image is upload but not attached

my first question is … I want to retrieve path of an upload image. Important: The image isn’t atached of any post. I have image url like: http://localhost/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/sample.jpg And I want to get the path, like: /Applications/XAMPP/htdocs/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/sample.jpg Thanks, Marcos. *I’m trying to improve my English. Sorry.

Upload attachment from external site

For example, we have some image on the external site: How do I upload this image to my wordpress as an image attachment by php? Image should be copied to my uploads folder, post added, meta generated.