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Autogenerated Thumbnail compression depending on size

This is a follow up to this question, in witch the jpg compression is altered depending on what WP’s built-in image resulting image size returns. While it may work for most of the people, i’m looking for a more discrete and automatic approach. And that is altering the wp_create_thumbnail i think. The point is this: […]

Custom Taxonomy Images with Advanced Custom Fields

I’ve created a custom Taxonomy for a Custom Post Type, and created five or so terms within the taxonomy. I’ve created a single image upload and assigned it to the custom taxonomy, and uploaded images for each term. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the image to display. I’ve […]

How to only publish posts with image in it

I use a standard loop in my index.php and that shows all the posts beeing posted. What i’m looking for is a code that only shows the posts that have image(s) in it. With other words: i only want to show posts that have images in content in my loop.

Featured Image or Post Thumbnail Displaying on index.php?

When I’m on the main page, of my site, it shows an excerpt of each post along with a category to the side. it also displays the same thumbnail image but above the content and I’m guessing because its grabbing the first image in the post.. I already tried removing <?php the_post_thumbnail();?> from the […]

Only show image from custom field when present

How would I adjust the following code to only show the image tag when there is a variable present in the “imageembed” field? <?php $imageid = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘imageembed’, true); ?> <div class=”newsimage”><img src=”<?php echo wp_get_attachment_url( $imageid ); ?>” width=”640″ /></div>

Link listings with image

So I’m really new to WordPress and I’m trying to create a simple widget. I want the widget to list the logos of my site’s affiliates (similar to the “check out our shows” section on I also want it to be easy for the administrators to add/remove images from the list of partners. In […]

Website loading slowly – Advanced Custom Fields images

I’m currently using get_field with Advanced Custom Fields plugin (see here) to get a single image for search results. The end result is that these pages are loading slow, as I believe this is due to MySQL returning the whole array of all images in the gallery for the specified page, which ends up being […]

Need custom picture field for pages

I want to have a picture or multiple pictures on each page in wordpress. AFAIK there are two standart ways of doing this in WYSIWYG editor, attach file etc widgets. Problem is, those wont do for my clients. So how can I make a custom field on each page, where the user selects a pic […]

NextGEN Conditional Statement

What I’d like to do is if the NextGEN gallery has more than one page (pagination) execute some code…I got close: <?php $nggpage = get_query_var(‘nggpage’); if ($nggpage > 1) { echo “duck”; } ?> This code appears on all pages but the first page, how do I make it work on the first page? Because […]

How do I change the image from the default mysteryman in the WP Profile page

I work for a company that has recently added a plugin for WordPress. We have a company profile page, as the plugin owner, and we want to change the image from the the default mysteryman to a logo. I realize this is a small detail to most of you, but I am a tech. writer […]