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How do I remove generated HTML around images in posts?

When I insert images into a blog post, wp is automatically inserted markup around the img element: specifically a div and a p (for the caption)…..where is that markup being generated in wp sourcecode?

How to grab first image attached to post and display in RSS feed?

I’ve seen the tutorials on how to grab the first image and display it in a post, and those on grabbing the post_thumbnail and using that in the RSS feed, but does anybody know how to grab the first image attached to a post and use that in the RSS feed? Thanks!

What is the WordPress Pinecone sitting on top of?

Does anybody know where wordpress gets their banner images? Perhaps we could find the original photo? I’m curious just what exactly this pine cone is sitting on top of. image

Check if page/post has any anchors that link to an image jpg/gif/png

What I’m aiming to do is add fancybox to a site I’m developing, but I only want to enqueue the JS/CSS etc if the page/post needs it. My thoughts are that I would need to check all the anchor tags on the post or page , and if the anchor tags link to any form […]

What's the best “insert all images” plugin?

I’ve tried several plugins that supposedly allow you to “insert all images” after using the flash based uploader to upload multiple images. However, I still haven’t found one that ties in well with the latest version of wordpress in a non-hacky way. Which plugins the most for inserting multiple images? image

WP 3.4 has missing photo data

I just updated to WP3.4 and discovered that previously available images are no longer “found” by the system. By this I mean that all the image files remain online and accessible, but WP has lost thumbnail data and subsequently shows the standard media icon on the media library list. Front-facing pages that should have images […]

Best way to strip character entities (%20 etc)

I have a heap of images inside MovableType, on an old server. There are plenty which have character entities like %20 to represent spaces. I’ve used some plugins to import the images and change the URLs inside posts, but while MT can deal with /my%20dog.jpg, WP just shows a 404. Assuming there’s no way to […]

All my inserted images gets a link to the full image even if it is already full size image

So when I create a new post and I upload an image onto the my server. Normally depending on the size of the image you can select small, medium, large image to place inside the post. On other sites that I have with WordPress, if I select medium image and insert, WordPress will place <a […]

Display info from custom fields in all images' HTML

Okay, I’ve been working on this all day and can’t find the solution anywhere. I’ve created a custom field within the image upload screen (info first found here). The field stores the name of a photographer to give him/her credit. Everything’s fine there. What I can’t figure out is how to get this information into […]

Change image link: wp_get_attachment_link

Can anyone help me filter wp_get_attachment_link so that a particular occurence of it links to the ‘medium’ or other size image rather than the full size. I have the following in a page template: $args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘attachment’, ‘numberposts’ => -1, ‘post_status’ => null, ‘post_parent’ => $post->ID ); $attachments = get_posts($args); if ($attachments) […]