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WordPress keeps resizing my 947×947 image down to 500×500 (full-size option)

This is driving me crazy. The code for the image is: <img src=”MYLINK” /> Yet it keeps resizing my image down to 500×500 from 947×947. How do I fix this? Also, it disregards the image map I have which lets you click on different parts of the image to go to different sites. EDIT: This […]

Convert featured images into “product images”

I am developing a large ecommerce site using WordPress and WP Ecommerce plugin. I recently overhauled the theme and framework. Where as before I was only required to set a featured image for a product, the new framework insists the image be “used as product image” or “inserted into post”. As there are 3000 or […]

Using file_exists to check file in Uploads

Context: For a site’s images used in a particular section, each post relies on a base name put into meta data, which then is used with automatic extensions to generate large images, gallery thumbnail images, and an index page thumbnail as well. For example, if Example_Name is the base name, then: Example_Name_2-LG.jpg is the second […]

Show image if author meta (profile fields) exists outside loop

I am trying to show the profile fields (like AIM, Jibber) outside the loop. I managed to do that with <?php global $post; $author_id=$post->post_author; ?> <?php $field=’aim’; the_author_meta( $field, $author_id ); ?> But now, I can’t put an image beside it if such a field exists. This works inside the loop, but not outside: <?php […]

Image resize using url parmater

I would like to resize image in my wordpress template using url parameter. Best example for this would be WordPress’s very own twenty Twelve theme. Following is link to image with width parameter in the end. If you change width to 50 it’ll return image with 50px width. I’m confused if its server setting […]

How to create a title images for different posts?

I’ve recently started with wordpress theme development and have come up with a few different post templates but there’s one thing I’m still unsure how to do – that is, having a post specific image appear before the post header, one that would be affected by css separate to that of the images found in […]

How can i identify media uploaded to my website that is not being used anywhere anymore?

At the time of development i upload a lot of images on the site. Over the time, i may need to tweak it quality or resolution, so mostly i upload the images with same name. So by the end of the development, i have a lot of similar images, only 1 of them being in […]

Function to grab specific image IDs from media library.

I want to grab images 161 thru 166 without having to calling my entire media library array and having to splice those up. In time, the more I have in there the more it’s going to slow my site down. Here is what I have so far, I use array_reverse to reverse the IDs so […]

Image not showing using a custom function and get_post_meta

I’m trying to create a function to display either a theme option or custom images based on user input. So basically, it’s a custom meta box. The user selects either a display header image OR they can upload one they want to use. I’ve created a custom function to call later on the single page […]

Customize WooCommerce Product Images (Placement and size)

so I’m having trouble trying to re-size my product thumbnail images. The site can be seen here : . I’d like the single-product page to have square thumbnails below the large featured image, but I also want the thumbnails that show in the cart (both on the page, and the sidebar cart widget ), […]